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The best way to feed the cat

Anyone who wants to find yourself a furry pet, asks: "How to feed the cat." Today there are many ways to ensure full life of your favorites.

Prepared feeds

Feeding cats ready fodder industrial production is very convenient. The owner does not spend personal time to prepare food for your pet, moreover, as the manufacturers claim their food contains in its structure the whole set of substances and minerals essential to the animal.

Finished feed is in dry and canned form. The most popular and common is dry food. However, experienced breeders warn against buying cheap and publicized feed, since it is often used in their manufacture poor-quality raw materials, and the use of such feed can lead to diseases of the internal organs of your pet. Try to purchase food in specialized stores with a proven track record.

When buying the best to give preference to products on their pack labeling «Premium» or «Superpremium», of course, such a product will be more expensive, but it could save your pet from health problems in the future.

How to feed the cat

Remember that giving the animal cheap, but the advertised product, you run the risk of pet health. After the feed is not made of quality materials, including meat and offal. In most cases the manufacture of such feed production wastes are used, the skin, bones, feathers and the like. D.

Note that each manufacturer of high-quality cat food has a special product for small kittens. Veterinarians are advised to feed baby food specialist for the first year of life. Only when this crucial period of development finished matured animal can be transferred to a regular diet. It is interesting that feed the kittens are used to power the pregnant and nursing cats. If your house lives a cat who underwent castration procedure, when buying food note marked "prevention of urolithiasis", this product is specially formulated with a reduced content of some elements.

Dry food is placed in the trough of that calculation, to be enough for a whole day. Canned lay so much that cat enough sated at once. It is recommended per day to give your pet seventy-five percent of dry feed and twenty-five percent of canned or in a ratio of fifty-fifty.

How to feed the cat

natural food

To the kitten accustomed to the use of natural food is necessary to give the animal a variety of foods. Because if a child is not an animal gets used to any product, just in a more adult to teach him to eat unfamiliar food is problematic. In no case do not let the animal food from the table, this food is not suitable for cats, it can cause severe indigestion. Remember that spicy, smoked, salted food is poison for cats. Do not give pets bones, especially chicken, as they can easily injure the esophagus. Do not forget to give your pet a grass, it is needed for regurgitation fur accumulated in the stomach. Grass for cats can be purchased at a pet store or to spread yourself in a pot at home. The animal should have its own permanent bowl, place for feeding, diet. Also, do not forget to give your cat the vitamins and supplements containing various nutrients.

The composition of the feline diet

When natural food first meal in the diet of your pet should be meat. Beef, poultry, rabbit, lamb, horsemeat - these meats are most preferable. Pork is better not to give, because she is too fat and can infect an animal parasites. The fish should not be given too often, once a week should be sufficient. Meat can be given as a raw and boiled.

How to feed the cat

Milk and dairy products - the usual food for any cat. Animals are happy to eat yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream and cheese.

Also in the diet of your pet must include eggs. For cats it is a real treat. Giving the cat eggs at least twice a week, you will notice that the state of your pet's fur has improved markedly. The eggs can be given raw, boiled, or do a mixture of egg yolk and milk.

Cats for a balanced diet are essential products of plant origin. It is best suited for this purpose boiled in milk, broth or water, a variety of cereals. Cereals can be used any, except for legumes that provoke swelling, and rolled oats, provoking obesity.

Do not forget to provide the animal constant access to clean water.

Food for cats should not be salty. Meat and meat products that are used in its raw form, you must first put in the freezer until completely freezing and after thawing to give your pet.

Find a balance between all the products that do not get carried away just meat or just cereals. Fish give often not worth it, because its use can lead to kidney disease.

How to feed the cat

food rules

cat food should not be too strongly cold or hot. It is best to be slightly warm or at room temperature.

For a small kitten food Slice into small pieces after removing the bone. Small kitten at the age of 1.5-2 months should be fed 5 times a day, or to provide free access to food. Upon reaching the age of eight months, the cat fed twice a day.

Do not forget that the cat - a beast of prey and it is not obliged to eat pasta or soup. She should be your diet. Do not feed your cat human food - it is harmful and can lead to health problems.

Determine whether you have to choose the right food for your pet's diet or made from natural products as possible, paying attention to the following external features:

  1. Animal looks optimally plump (the ribs are not visible, but are felt by touch);
  2. Active, cheerful behavior;
  3. Smooth, uniform, shiny coat;
  4. Stool volume does not exceed 25% of the volume of food consumed;
  5. weight of the animal is always at the same level.

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