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Asleep domestic cat

Many pet owners believe their pets cats an integral part of the family. The more difficult to realize the fact that the age of our pets are much shorter century human and the moment of parting, unfortunately, inevitable. Well if the animal is naturally and quietly moving away to another world without agony and pain. But it is not always. What if the pet's suffering and agonizing duration? What to do in this case?


According to the veterinary practice - cat euthanasia procedure is entirely voluntary. It is performed only after the mutual consent of the owner and the veterinarian. Naturally, this decision is not given easily. The more difficult to pinpoint the time when euthanasia becomes necessary. The indications for this procedure are difficult, first of all, prolonged physiological pain, leading to animal suffering. It is important to understand that these sufferings do not allow to stop all currently known therapeutic medical effects. It often happens that seems to be doomed animals are relatively easy to live his life with proper care.

In order to make your decision was the most suspended consult with doctors from different veterinary clinics. Listen to the opinion of each of them. Weigh the pros and cons. In the event that all doctors believe in the final outcome, the owner need to mentally prepare yourself and your family members to this heavy event. Experienced and responsive specialist vet will help you understand vozniknuvshey situation and explain in detail all the details of the forthcoming operation.

Credible doctors who frankly describe all the details of euthanasia of the animal. Tell difficult, but necessary truth about the last moments of life of your pet.

Only an experienced expert will be able to give you all the necessary information about the upcoming procedure, without hiding anything. If you feel that the doctor does not control the situation, then you may want to consider the option of treatment in another hospital.

euthanize the cat

 psychological aspect

Those who advocate irreconcilable opponents of euthanasia procedures pets, do not accept any reasons for committing this procedure. Their attitude can be summed up in one concept - "a violation of the natural course of things." This is a complex social and philosophical question excites the minds of mankind for decades. Each of us makes a choice based on specific circumstances. However, the decision to relieve of suffering beloved pet that has become a family member deserves respect anyway. The majority of the clergy of different faiths come together in a single view that euthanasia torments and suffering of the animal - a manifestation of mercy and compassion.

 to be vigilant

Very often, depressed emotional state of the patient prevents the pet owner to soberly assess the situation and make an informed decision on where to carry out the procedure of slumber and a medication at the same time use. It is very important to understand that only you and no one else depends on the way your pet will go out of life. Will this procedure is painless for it or, on the contrary, is excruciating.

It happens that unscrupulous vets used for the procedure of deep sleep medications, which are highly toxic substances that affect the nervous system. After the introduction of this means the animal several times startled, then freezes and stops signs of life. In fact, these poisons paralyze the nervous system, depriving the cat the opportunity to commit any action. In this case, the animal slowly dies from lack of oxygen, feeling strong punishment.

With this knowledge, insist during euthanasia procedures, the introduction of a pet in a state of narcotic sleep. The only way you can be sure that your cat will not experience negative feelings.

Make sure that the doctor made two injections. The first will introduce the animal into a state of anesthesia, and the second will complete the procedure of deep sleep to the end.

 Independent of the procedure

It happens that some owners are hopelessly sick animals are not able to turn to specialists for euthanasia procedure. Unfortunately, in the home is almost impossible to relieve the animal from suffering without the participation of a specialist. Remember that trying to independently perform this procedure, you run the risk to deliver great torment your pet and get traumatized for life. Try to find the means necessary to refer to a veterinary clinic.


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