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Health of cats

How to choose a hypoallergenic cat

Recently become popular hypoallergenic cat food. This is no accident. More and more owners began to pay attention to the allergy and food sensitivity of their pets. Embodying a care in life, they prefer to give the cat a special diet to avoid putting its unpleasant consequences of allergy. Such…

Health of cats

Stop cystitis - a drug for cats

Content1  Characteristics of the drug2  Medicinal properties3  Indications4  Dosage5  Contraindications and side effects Currently, veterinary medicine can cure almost any disease in your pet. However, there is an old truth, which reads as follows: It is better to…

Health of cats

The anatomical structure of cats

Content1 Skeleton2 Extremities3 Mouth4 Wool and skin5, blood circulation and respiratory system6 Digestive System In order to better understand your pet, choose the right diet and gain the skills of initial assistance you need to know how your pet is constructed from a biological point of view,…

Health of cats

Antiseks for cats

All lovers of cats is well known that almost all breeds of cats aged from six months to 8 months become sexually mature. Nature has a way that the cat at this age begins to show sexual activity. Most often, this period brings a lot of trouble the hosts. Cats begin to loudly call upon partners and…

Health of cats

The disease is transmitted from cat to human

Content1 Fungus2 Viruses3 Bacteria4 Simple5 Parasites6 Prevention Many people are thinking about how to make fluffy pet wonder: what diseases can be transmitted from cats? To date, medicine knows a certain number of diseases, but in the home actually catch only a few. This list is not too large,…

Health of cats

The dangerous feline lower urinary tract disease

Content1 What is2 Causes of3 Symptoms4 Treatment5 As a pet to live with this disease Feline lower urinary tract disease - heavy diagnosis, scary owners of all without exception of house cats. Sometimes it sounds like a death sentence. In fact, this is a very dangerous disease, often leading to the…