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Gamavit - medication for cats

Our younger brothers constantly in need of a caring involvement. It is necessary to ensure that pet food and a worthy habitat. However, it is still taking care of pets health is the most important element of the harmonious coexistence of man and animal. Sometimes, for this most important goal, it is necessary to use a variety of specialized medicines, which include Gamavit for cats. The drug which will help to grow healthy and strong offspring to support animal health.

General characteristics of the drug

Gamavit for cats - a modern complex drug proven effective in achieving the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes since the early days of the life of a kitten. The main active ingredient - sodium nukleinat and denatured placenta. It is produced in liquid form, includes a specially designed set of mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins. Externally is a red liquid, poured into sterile glass vials of a volume of 10 ml to 50 ml. The shelf life of one year preparation, subject to temperature from 4 ° C to 25 ° C.

It should be noted that the drug can not be totally subjected to freezing. If the package leaks violated, the remedy becomes cloudy or changes color. Remember that the use of the drug with such features, as well as EXPIRED shelf life, is strictly prohibited!

 Gamavit for kittens

Active ingredients included in the composition of the medicament, completely open their positive properties when exposed to body kitten. This is reflected in the harmonization of mineral, vitamin, protein metabolism in the body of the baby. It manifests a restorative effect, forming or restoring the immune system of the animal.

The presence of biogenic adaptogens and simulators improves the overall resistance of the body of a kitten to various viruses and diseases. Formulation greatly increases the viability, growth rate increases, stimulates muscular development, and also reduces postnatal (within the first three days) mortality of newborn kittens. Normalizes the overall metabolism in the body.

Gamavit for cats

Indications and dosage

Use of the drug as a prophylactic and therapeutic medicament is indicated in pathologies such as:

  • an acute shortage of vitamins;
  • food poisoning;
  • anemia (anemia);
  • diseases caused by parasites;
  • viral diseases;
  • bacterial and fungal infections;

If you have a newborn, or greatly weakened kitten, then use Gamavita cat can prevent eating disorder entailing underweight and even early death. Increase immunity and resistance to various diseases will have a beneficial effect on the weight gain of a kitten.

Size prophylactic dose of the drug is determined based on the rate of 0.1 ml Gamavita per kilogram of animal body weight. Application Period in this case varies from two or four weeks or more, depending on the condition. The newborn is recommended to introduce the drug in the first, third, fifth and seventh day of life.

treatment dose size is determined on the basis of equal proportions of 0.3-0.5 ml per kilogram of body weight. Applicable medicament in combination with other agents that provide a therapeutic effect intended veterinary physician. Duration of drug treatment is determined depending on the type of disease and condition of the animal. Remember that it is important to prevent drug overdose. This can lead to intoxication.

 Methods of introduction

The drug is administered by intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intravenous routes, using an insulin syringe. Traditional injection site - withers or back foot. It is also possible to introduce the drug orally, using a pipette, or by adding a drink. Gamavit characterized in that it can remarkably be used in combination with other drugs. For example, to increase its effect capable Fosprenil means. Side effects or complications with the correct dosage is not observed.


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