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Articles about cats

How to select a tray for cats

Content1  classic plastic tray2  Tray-house3  Self-cleaning models4  trays toilet As you know cats are very clean animals. No animal in good faith did not climb into a mud puddle. And observe the zeal with which pets coat clean howl even the slightest contamination - a…

Articles about cats

Why do cats claws

Many people around the world have pets. Someone like parrots, funny chirping in their cages. Some people prefer a faithful dog, which brings slippers. But most people gets cats at home. These fluffy, beautiful and sociable animals act as a kind of antidepressant. They always want stroke, squeeze…

Articles about cats

The best way to feed the cat

Content1 Prepared feeds2 Natural food3 Composition feline diet4 Power Rules Anyone who wants to find yourself a furry pet, asks: "How to feed the cat." Today there are many ways to ensure full life of your favorites. Prepared feeds Feeding cats ready fodder industrial production is very…

Articles about cats

What is antitsarapki for domestic cats

Antitsarapki cat appeared in the United States. Their inventor became a doctor - a veterinarian Tobi Ueksler. In North America, this device has been used successfully for over fifteen years, and in our country are still exotic. However, according to many experts and owners of furry pets…