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What does it mean to see a cat in a dream

Perhaps the cats are one of the most mysterious animals, living side by side with man for thousands of years. Their existence is shrouded in many legends and superstitions. In ancient times it was believed that they act as intermediaries between the spirit world and the human world. It is no wonder that the emergence of a mysterious animal in the dream gave rise to many interpretations and explanations. People at all times sought to understand what cats dream.

That brings us to a graceful animal, walking on the realm of Morpheus its soft paws with sharp claws? It is not known why, but most commentators agree is one that most cats dream the manifestation of negative moments in a person's life. Disease, quarrels and troubles - that bring to our existence dreams with fluffy pets. From the authors of the interpreters agree, and ordinary people, living across the globe.

  Good dreams with cats

If you think about it, then again with the whiskered pets, which would bode positive developments are very few. If falling asleep, you see how you get away from the funky cat and beaten, then wait for the successful resolution of the actual problem.

Catch a dream a beautiful well-groomed cat do not show aggression, but not tending to communicate, so grab luck.

If you see a peaceful animal, lying upwards paws on the carpet near the door or under the table, then you should know that soon the enemies recognize your superiority.

what cats dream

In the dream, furry hunter caught a fat mouse - wait for profits.

What dreams red cat will depend on whether it is your pet or someone else's. In the first case, expect a quick solution to the problem, in the second wary of lurking near the treacherous man. It is interesting that dream a familiar cat belonging to you or his friends, is neither bad nor good sign, unless the pet does not lead in a strange way.

  Black and white

As noted earlier, the majority of night vision with cats starring interpreted negatively. Attacking, biting, scratching animal dreams for trouble and disease. The more the cat in this vision, the greater will be the negative impact.

I wonder what cats dream about black? If an animal of this color appeared in your dream from Monday to Tuesday, it is best to avoid any activity related to the risk, especially financial shortly. On the contrary, to dream of a black hunter in the night from Friday to Saturday - expect success in the new case, unless the cat was clean and well maintained.

In contrast, black cat, white animals are considered to be the forerunners of many favorable events. However, interpreters of dreams hurry to disappoint us. For example, the following information is contained in the dream books. White's favorite dream to the betrayal of a close friend, a relative. If you dream you are holding a snow-white animal, it is likely to run into an intricate story with an unexpected ending. Also white, but dirty, unkempt cat dreams to the deterioration of affairs or illness of a close relative.

  affairs of the heart

Love theme also found its reflection in dreams involving meow pets. For example, a beautiful, friendly animal black, the woman had a dream means the appearance on the horizon opponent. If such an image would come in a dream man, perhaps in his entourage entered the treacherous seductress, her husband who saw his wife in the guise of a cat should also be wary of betrayal on the part of the wife. Italians of old black cat is considered the prototype of the feminine, the man who is trying to manage to their advantage.

what cats dream

Red, gently purring cat dreams of false declaration of love or Vrana colleagues. If you hear a dream meow, but did not see the source, it means that someone wants you to cheat.

Why dream of kittens? In the men sleep this way means new debt in the women - acquire armfuls of minor problems.

Dead cat dreams for heavy ailment, but in a dream to kill the animal, means to defeat the enemy.

 How to behave

If you had a dream with a cat in the title role, it is not necessary to view all available information about downers dream interpretation. Remember that thoughts are material and are constantly thinking about what you read in the next Expositor can attract bad event.

Remember Grandma's advice. Waking up, tell the open window: "Where the night there and sleep." Or tell a dream content of any running water (even tap water), it will scatter and will carry negative energy seen.

Cats as well as we have dreams. I wonder what they ...

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