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What to drink cat

Water is one of the most important elements necessary for the normal existence of almost any living creature on this planet. Cats here are no exception. Fresh clean water should always be in the direct access of your pet. You can pour the old vodichku in a saucer, and change it periodically to fresh. However, scientific and technological progress does not stand still. Today, there are a variety of devices called shelves for cats. Such dishes are very diverse, but at the same time it has unique requirements.

Such devices can be made from various materials: plastic, clay, metal. May have a different shape and appearance, and have different depths even be equipped with an automatic filling and feeding water. From such a variety of characteristics of the eyes just run away. To select the correct device that is suitable for your pet on all of the criteria necessary to consider in more detail each of them.

 The material from which made drinking bowls for cats

The most common materials used to manufacture this particular dishes, - plastics, metal, ceramics. In addition, each one has its own positive and negative qualities.

Plastic is traditionally considered the most affordable material having a variety of shapes and colors options. However, this negative quality of the material applies, of course, low environmental friendliness, as well as the ability to act as an allergen. Some cats are allergic to plastic is expressed in a rash covering his chin. Also, long-haired cat with rubbing on the plastic surface can lose a certain amount of the coat at the points of contact. Another significant drawback of plastic utensils is that some of the cheaper types of plastic deformation easily, microcracks are formed on them which multiply and accumulate microbes and bacteria.

Drinking bowls for cats

Ceramic, glass or porcelain drinking bowl for cats will be worth significantly more expensive than its plastic counterpart. It happens that some pets love to climb into his saucer. In this case, you must purchase a water bottle with a thick wall having sufficient mass, otherwise the animal will turn and simply will break it, risking to get hurt in the process. Also, when buying a cookware, make sure that the coating of ceramics produced without the use of lead.

Stainless steel as a material for cat waterers longer maintains the freshness of water loaded, however, it is quite easy and active pets may well be it overturned. To prevent this, some models are equipped with a rubber base that wears out over time. Remember that if drinkers stainless steel rust is detected, then this dish can not be used. Another positive quality of this material is that it does not spoil the hair. This is especially true for longhaired cats.


Choose drinkers depth based on the characteristics of your pet. Only you know if a lot of water it consumes, whether likes to play with the liquid. It is also important to know how often the owner will be able to pour fresh water in a bowl. Although veterinarians are advised to change the water twice a day, because it is not too difficult.

 Form drinkers

The most common form of drinking bowls for cats, of course, is round. However, there are dishes of different shapes. For example, some domestic cats do not like to soak in the water, his mustache, so that in this way pupils have rectangular troughs or other elongated shape. Longhaired cat breeds will be happy to drink from the drinking troughs, specially designed so that the hair does not fall into the liquid.

 Drinking bowls for small kittens

In order to provide water to the very young kittens is best to use a shallow dish or hanging cups, because the baby can drown if falls into the dishes. With the development and maturation of offspring dishes depth should be increased.

 automatic waterers

Today, the sale is a set of products, equipped with a system of automatic filling and water supply. Typically, tap water passing through such devices, purified wood-charcoal filter. These devices need to be connected to the mains. So if your pet likes to play with wires - it is not the best option. These drinkers are ideally suited for cats who love running water. However, as practice shows, not all animals are adherents of this method of drinking.

Remember that no matter what device will be in your home, the water contained in it must be clean, fresh and changed at least once a day.

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