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As trimming a cat's claws

When the content of pet owners should not only bestow your pet with love and affection, but also pay attention to the proper care of him. Every owner should know what cats claws cut and how to do it.

Animals themselves can not perform this procedure or by nibble claws, either by sewing a scratching post, so you should help them.

Many owners are wondering why you need to trim the claws, the cat does not damage furniture and is not scratched. You should know that to cut the claws to be only when they have reached is too long and the cat begins to cling for all.

It is important to perform regular clipping claws, because cats living in a city apartment, are less active and mobile lifestyle than the street. That is, domestic cats nails grow much faster, without being able to grind the natural way.

cat claws

Do not forget that the cat has also a fifth claw located on the inner side of the front paws. It grows completely freely, without taking part in scratching the cat, so if you do not look out for its length, it can begin to grow or dig into the foot pads, thereby causing the cat pain.

To accustom the cat to the trimming claws better to start from an early age that this procedure was not frightening for her.

When the content of the kitten, sooner or later the question will arise in front of you - how to cut a cat's claws right? For the procedure, you will need trimming some of the assistants, Nail Clipper, styptic cotton wool and wound case. Nail Clipper, you can choose any - tweezers, trimmer, scissors or a trimmer guillotine. Nail Clipper is the most convenient in the form of scissors.

To be able to properly trimming a claw pet, you should observe a few rules: First you need to determine where a blood vessel in the cat's claw ends. Turning claw transparent to light, you can easily determine where the pinkish blood vessels and which part of the nail can be removed. Nail clipper should be located approximately midway between the tip and the end claw of the blood vessels. Nail clipper cutter blade to be directed upwards to prevent the separation claw.How to cut your nails a cat.  the cutoff line

If you touched the blood vessels may bleed, as it can threaten inflammation, because should be extremely cautious, performing trimming.

If your cat's claws are not transparent, and the black, determine the location of the end of the vessel will be difficult, so you should cut a little, but do it more often - every couple of weeks.

Time for a haircut is better to choose, when the cat is relaxed or preparing for bed. Cat should sit on his lap so that your hands or the hands of an assistant recorded her body on top. It is better to stroke the cat and talk to her, so she was used to this situation and did not feel in danger.

You can start to stretch their legs a bit, that the animal was not afraid. Being the owner of a cat, you should make it a rule every time a cat comes to your hand, contact with her paws to induce trust and confidence that you will not harm her. The main rule - do not force the cat to what she does not want it to be free to remove the legs, or even to leave the middle of the procedure.

Next, you need to take a footpad index finger and thumb to press, so that seemed to claw. Nail Clipper should be placed perpendicular to the claw to avoid lamination, in this position will be a cross-section less discomfort to your pet.

Trimming a cat's claws

By the end of the mowing should be treated with conventional edge claw nail file, to avoid clinging to the carpet, furniture, clothing and so on.

If at the time of trimming you have damaged blood vessel, should immediately place the wound with hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic. If heavy bleeding is necessary to apply a bandage and contact your veterinarian. Instead of peroxide can be used hemostatic powder, for lack of it - an ordinary meal.

After trimming the claws do not forget to give your pet any unusual delicacy, awarded for restraint and patience, thereby making this unpleasant procedure easier tolerated and expected later refreshments.

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