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How to calm the raging cat

Every owner of a furry pet knows firsthand how this wayward animal that loves to show his character. And sometimes these shows are so active that the owner starts to think about how to calm the cat.

What you need to know to calm the cat

The first step is to understand what prompted the cat to behave this way. At times, showing aggression, the animal reacts to the danger, it does not matter it is real or ephemeral. Accordingly, to calm the cat needs to be done so that it felt safe.

Very often the owners, trying to calm the animal, trying to take it in hand, but a cat with a high degree of probability can perceive this action as an aggression. So scratched hands, most likely guaranteed.

Some owners think that by covering the animal with a cloth or box they soothe him, but in reality it is exactly the opposite. Animal scared even more and aggression will only increase.
The best option in this situation will leave the animal alone, to throw out the energy. If aggression affects your family or home decoration, it is necessary to lock the cat in a separate room and try to clear out things that the animal could theoretically hurt. However, do not use for this purpose a small closet or a house cat.
In the event that an animal aggressiveness is not reduced, it is necessary to use sedatives.
Some cats are aggressive, defending their territory and asserting the primacy of her. This behavior is completely stopped after the castration procedure .

How to calm the cat

Night Activity

Everyone knows that the cat is a predatory animals prefer to hunt at night. So that the expression of this activity is quite natural. However, the question of how to calm the cat at night does not lose its relevance.
You can use the animal behavior cycle. In the wild, predators are active a short time and used a splash of energy for hunting. So if you will periodically organize his favorite day of active play, then the animal is controlled by the energy spent.

Also reduce the activity contributes to the dense meal, but here you need to be careful not to overfeed your pet.

Activity on the road

Some difficulties may arise during the transport of the animal over a long distance. If the cat fly into a rage in the luggage compartment or in the car, you little nobody seems. So for prevention it is best to give the animal a sedative. If travel plans are ripening for a long time, it is possible to use a sedative in small doses for five days before the trip. On the road, it is best not to give the animal a lot of food. It is preferable to use dry food, but do not forget to give a cat a sufficient amount of water. Also make sure that the animal was dry. For this purpose, use disposable diapers, which effectively absorb the liquid. If your cat swayed on a trip, you can use special products for animals.

Kitten for the first time in the house

Very often, the latter-day owners are wondering how to soothe a kitten caught in a new home. Naturally, for the kid is really stressful condition: separation from her mother, new surroundings, unfamiliar smells and voices. first days in a new home, you need to surround the care and love of a kitten, give it as much attention as possible to calm the baby suffered. You can put a kitten great toy or a soft blanket, which it treats as a mother cat. This kind of deception will help your child get used to the new surroundings.

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