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How to choose a canned food for cats

Currently, many owners of furry pets chosen as the base material for their food - canned food for cats. This is primarily due to the fact that the product manufacturers are constantly improving the technology by which manufactured canned. The content of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements closer and closer approach to the ideal consistency. Also, the important role played by the fact that the rhythm of modern life is not always possible to spend time cooking cat foods made from natural products.

kinds of canned food

All canned food to cats can be divided into three types:
• Special - This product is available for neutered and spayed animals, pregnant cats and pets who have reached old age.
• Dietary - These cans are usually given to animals with health problems, recovering after undergoing surgery.
• Daily - an ordinary product that is used for everyday feeding of animals.

Canned foods for cats

Also for cats canned food can be divided based on the quality of the composition on:
• Canned economy class. Such product typically contains chemical additives, colorants, preservatives and various taste enhancers. Meat is contained in small amounts, is dominated by vegetable fats. Such food can be addictive
• Canned premium. In such a product the content of chemicals is somewhat smaller and more meat. Animal body is easier to digest these foods, but the cost increases slightly.
• Canned food of super premium. Usually sold only in specialized pet shops, veterinary centers. Such a product does not contain any chemical additives, has a high content of meat, reduced number of plant proteins. Often used as the prevention of certain diseases.
• Canned Holistic class. The rarest items in the market, with a rather high cost. Chemical additives are absent entirely, take into account the characteristics of different breeds of cats. The manufacturer claims that the product is manufactured using animal meat, do not suffer from hormone-feeding.

How to choose a high-quality canned food for cats

On the number of items of products for cats, sometimes on the market simply dazzled. How to make the right choice?

Canned foods for cats

It is believed that quality canned pet must per 100 gram weights comprise more than ten percent of the crude protein, a minimum proportion of plant components, and not contain soy and chemical additives.

In order to determine this, you must carefully read the composition. However, keep in mind that some unscrupulous vendors can indicate on the label of incomplete or deliberately distort the composition of the product, in order to attract buyers.

Terms of Use canned cat food

• Always pay attention to the product shelf life. Otherwise, if the animal will eat expired food, it can cause serious health problems.
• Open bank with food ready to use no more than one hour at room temperature. After expiration of this time interval begins to deteriorate food, and on its surface bacteria multiply, which, after entering into an animal with a high probability to cause disorder of the digestive system, or even poisoning.
• The amount of food eaten by an animal at a time is best calculated on the basis of the instructions, which are usually placed on the packaging. If you do not follow the rules, it is possible to overfeed your cat, as it will lead to obesity.

Never mix canned and dry food. After all, in order to digest a particular cat food the stomach allocates different enzymes. The need to produce several different substances degrades the digestive process and load the whole organism.

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