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How to choose a feeding trough for cats

Today, showcases pet stores are filled with a huge assortment of cat dishes to suit all tastes. Plastic, metal, ceramics, as well as new-fangled automatic feeder for cats. There is something to see, but how to make the right choice?

size feeders

The first thing you should look for when choosing cookware A cat - is its size. It is best to choose the size of dishes based on the individual characteristics of your pet. The bowl should fit the quantity of food is no problem, which is enough for your pet once.

Also keep in mind that some food uses your cat. If dry, it is preferable to choose a bowl with a high sides to prevent spillage of food. If canned, then stop your choice on the lower bowl.

automatic feeder for cats

Form bowls

In terms of ergonomics and ease of use, better to choose feeders classic round or oval shape. Most animals eat from a wonderful dishes, and the owner is much more convenient to wash the bowl. However, if you are very important appearance enhancement, then on the shelves you can find designer items of different, sometimes very intricate form. However, learn that the cat might not be very convenient to use such utensils, and wash it is not so easy.

Also in the shops meet the twin bowls, in which at the same time filled with water and puts food. Such products are not too convenient in practice because it is often in the water get pieces of food, which leads to liquid damage, especially in the summer.


The most common options - plastic. These bowls are very useful during travel, the compact and lightweight, they do not occupy much space in your luggage. It is also well suited for smaller growing kittens, since because of the low cost without any problems can be replaced by a more capacious model as animal growth. However, for permanent use an adult cat such products are not too fit. Plastic allocates food pollutants rapidly polluted indelible plaque as an adult animal could easily knock over a bowl during the active absorption of food.
Metal bowl almost relieved from all the disadvantages of the plastic product, except one - the low weight, as well as published clangorous sound that can scare some animals too impressionable.
Probably the best option for today - a ceramic bowl. It is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, it does not absorb odors. The disadvantages are the high cost and the possibility of accidentally break a bowl.

The most modern accessory

automatic feeder for cats Latest technology in animal feeding - is an automatic feeder for cats. Spent on its acquisition of the money can simply be thrown away on the wind, but there are circumstances in which the use of such a device is quite justified:
• Owners are often not at home, and the cat must be force of habit or health recommendations to eat several times a day in small portions. For such a situation, it is best suitable electronic feeder in the form of plates, divided into sections. Such a device operates as follows. The top cover after a certain period of time rotates and opens access to the next compartment, filled with food. Also quite amiss automatic feeders bulk type in which the feed is poured into a bowl after a specified period of time in certain portions.
• The animal remains for a long time at home alone. Her appetite is normal and adjust the amount of food consumed is not required. In this case, an excellent choice is the most simple inverted trough which is a container for food with a narrow neck from the bottom through which the feed enters as the eating.
• In the house lives a few cats, each with its time of reception of food and varied diet. In this case suitable feeder, which is opened only when it will approach the animal with the special, wear a collar on a keychain.

These devices can be equipped with all sorts of extra features:
• The recording function playback of voice alert meals.
• An additional compartment for ice or cold water to help keep food fresh in the summer.
• The sensor signals the battery charge.

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