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How to select a tray for cats

As you know cats are very clean animals. No animal in good faith did not climb into a mud puddle. And observe the zeal with which pets coat clean howl even the slightest contamination - a pleasure.

So the cat tray must sparkling clean and not have a nauseating smell. No self-respecting home favorite did not sit down on a dirty toilet, but rather to spoil the carpet in some secluded corner.

So how do you choose a toilet for cats, what criteria guided? On the matter,  the main feature of which should have a tray for cats, it is the ease of maintenance of this accessory for the animal owner. Toilet should be easy to use and clean. Of course, choosing the right model should be guided by the dimensions of your pet, as it is necessary that the cat is completely placed on the tray, in order to avoid unnecessary incidents. And before you finally take the decision to purchase a particular tray, mentally estimate, where it will be and whether the fit in the allotted space in size.

 Classic plastic tray

The most classic tray for cats - it is an ordinary container made of plastic with a not too high sides. The best of its purpose - to serve a toilet for a small kitten in the period of learning the rules of stay in the house. This product is not too convenient for the adult animals as a filler will always be provided on the floor. Although the positive features in the form of cheap, easy maintenance and mobility in the classics does not take away. There are models of the tray with higher flanges and inturned edge . From such a difficult to throw the tray filler, however, it is not very convenient to wash, as part of the filler will get stuck under the curved edge of the rim.

Tray for cats

Also for low model cat litter may include a plastic tray,  equipped with internal detachable grid. Although its convenience quite controversial and many owners of cats get rid of it as unnecessary.

There is a more advanced variation nt cl assiki, equipped with high sides with a thickened edging. Also in this model it provides for the use of the plastic bag, which is spread on the bottom and the top is latched additional rim. It is very convenient and allows you not to wash the product, and to collect the contents in the bag and throw it away.


These models are suitable for animals who love to dig in the results of their life, or the most restrictive seals.

These trays come in different designs, but generally the upper part removable for ease of maintenance. Often such trays are equipped with charcoal filters for odor retention inside.

Tray for cats

Who is gaining popularity so-called snail trays. They have many advantages  ranging from the retention smell, finishing an impressive interior dimensions, which will fit even the biggest tomcat . The disadvantages of this model lie in its not too low  price and fairly large size are not suitable for small confined spaces of a city apartment.

Although such a small space, manufacturers have developed a corner tray-house, occupying little space, with all the advantages of such designs.

There are some very interesting options for houses trays disguised as cabinets for bathroom or hallway. Comfortable and functional! Especially in these toilets provided storage space for feline inventory filler sovochki for cleaning and t. D .

 Self-cleaning models

 If you are a very busy person and you simply have no time to monitor the cleanliness latrine your pet, in this case, pay attention to the modern products that embody progress in seemingly so mediocre product like litter box.

Such devices can be equipped with a special sensor which controls the rake leave the inner compartment of the tray collecting the contents in a special closed container. You will need time to time to throw out its contents, together with the general household waste. The only restriction for this model - the mandatory use lumps of filler.

Tray for cats

There are also more advanced devices that are connected to the power supply, water supply and sanitation. In this model, the role of the filler perform special washable granules passing a multistage purification process in the device interior. About the owner of a cat that enjoys such a toilet is only required to change the cleaning agent , as well as take care of the installation site of the non-small engineering marvel.

 Trays for toilet

Such devices are designed to teach your pet to defecate directly into the toilet. This model is gradually teach your cat to use sanitary ware without any problems.

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