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How to choose the carrier for cats

Carrying the cat is a specially designed bag, basket, plastic container or bag, designed for easy carrying of the animal. Pet, which is in high quality carrying feels during the journey comfortable and safe.

The device is equipped with compulsory ventilation holes, playing the role of observation windows, so that the cat could watch the world go by.

So that for any, even the slightest joint journey, for example, a shopping trip, carrying will be a real lifesaver. However, when selecting this useful device to draw attention to important points, providing a comfortable and relaxing stay in a cat carry:

  • the presence of the hard bottom;
  • sufficient interior space;
  • quality and reliable mounting and locks;
  • total fortress of the whole structure .

It is important to remember that, before you use the carrying of winter, it is necessary to insulate. The bottom wall can be covered and a dense thick fabric (felt).

Carrying Cat

During the long trip it is best to limit the pet to a meal, and ideally not be fed. But do not forget from time to time favorite drink, as dehydration, especially in hot weather, can occur very quickly. Try not to keep the cat to carry more than ten hours. If the trip will take longer this time, the favorite of portability must leave for at least thirty minutes.

Before you buy a particular device, think for what purpose you will get it. Since there are different types of perenosok intended for their own purposes.

 types perenosok

 A bag

In fact, elegant bag for cats have the purpose  to satisfy the requirements of ladies-mistress than to provide comfort and safety for most cats. Since  the bottom  in such products is too soft and can not withstand the weight of pet. Ventilation windows are too small for a full airing. In hot weather, in this bag very hot. Although there are several advantages. For example, in the autumn rainy weather pet does not get wet. Also, this will allow the bag to go to the places where the passage with cats is forbidden, and in different pockets you can put your things.

Carrying Cat

 Frame bag

This soft carrying a rigid frame is designed so that your pet will be satisfied. Before buying appreciate the quality of materials and carcass fortress. It is a versatile variation nt etc. Practical for any trip,  but  there is one drawback - the lack of ventilation.

 Backpack carrying

Backpack carrying cat may be useful owners traveling with your pet alone. Hands in such a case are free, and think where to attach the box does not need a backpack always behind. Minus the cat only in the fact that such a product is subject to strong vibrations. However, high-quality backpacks for carrying equipped with a special belt that will repay pitching. The backpack has a roomy pockets and excellent ventilation.

 plastic box

The most popular model for carrying cats, and for good reason. Solid wall products reliably protect a cat from accidental touches and strokes. Carrying is easy to maintain and sanitize. Easily fit inside the mat and troughs. A term life plastic from which it is made is not particularly limited. The only significant negative - the bulky size because of which  it  is not very convenient to carry by hand.

Carrying Cat

 Carrying on wheels

Such an arrangement is convenient especially during long journeys on public transport when you need to move a lot of train stations and airports. At its core it is an ordinary suitcase on  wheels , equipped with ventilation windows.

When buying pay attention to the  wheels , they do not rattle, squeak, dangle from  side  to  side .

These are also carrying double. However, this product has one major drawback - price. Usually it is quite high.

 Wicker basket

This product is suitable for a short trip  out of town  on a personal or public transport. The good thing about eco-friendly material, no harsh chemical odors, excellent ventilation. In the case of an iron door, wa with  with Korea in all , be allowed into the car of a train and an airplane cabin. Of the minuses can be noted that cats do not chew off the bars, they are woven basket, it is not easy to wash and can not be much wet with water.

Carrying Cat


Simple metal cage - a classic variation nt etc. Practical for any trip. However, in this article the pet will be very exposed to the environment. Whether it is snow, rain or direct sunlight. From the pros: easy to clean, well ventilated, good visibility, there is room for a rug and a bowl with water.

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