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What dangers lie in wait for the cat in your house?

With the advent of home kitten or cat the new owner will have to change not only some of the habits, but to change your life.

Many dangers awaiting Fluffy in a modern home

Since cats are by nature very inquisitive, curious and restless, especially the kids, you have to be very careful. When the kitten is still quite a pipsqueak need to constantly look down at his feet to inadvertently stepping on the young one, and not to inflict injury.
Kittens can not help but to explore new territory, climb into every conceivable place where they often have to pull out. A climb on the curtains to the ceiling, is the height of happiness. Small cats, like small children love to run, jump, hide. If the cat got into the house as an adult, it has to be much more careful. The cat in the street has gone growing and often already knows exactly what can and can not be, but it can get into trouble.

The main danger is the cat

First of all, you need to think about the dangers lying in wait for furry animal.

Washing machine with the door open and loaded the laundry can draw a kitten. Kid, and often adult cat can get there and sleep. Be sure to check the drum before the start.

Stove for cooking and a table located to it. Curious creature necessarily jumps on the table, his research, and can cause burns when carried away, stepped on the plate.

Pipes, chimneys and other various cracks and holes - well, very interesting places, it's dark and unexplored.

cat in the refrigerator

Large refrigerators. Even from some attractive places. While the owner, opened the fridge, choose products, the kitten can quietly slip inside.

Dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and bleach. Usually stored in the kitchen, on the sink and a cat can turn and make oneself dirty. Since all modern household chemicals unsafe and toxic, there is a risk for the pet to receive a chemical burn skin or severe poisoning organism.

Potted plants and flowers. A cat can chew on them due to the lack of greenery and kittens just wondering.

Skeins of yarn, thread, needles. A lover of knitting do not forget to clean your needlework. The consequences of forgetfulness, is a thread throughout the home and a coiled thread meowing lump.

Electrical wires that span the modern house. Wires kitten can chew and confusing, it is better not to remove the insulated wiring.

Christmas tree and Christmas toys, tinsel. On the New Year holiday and want the custom in the house and put decorations. Shiny, iridescent balls will attract not only the kitten, but also power-adult cat. Fluffy researcher necessarily need to shake the toy to fall. Tinsel and pieces of foil can be eaten, and malaise pet is provided.

Cat in window
Balconies and open windows - higher injuries to cats. Cats living in multi-storey buildings in the apartment, love to sit on the balcony or by a window. This activity is for Kotofei kind of watching TV. The animal can zasmotretsya a bird or a fly and jump behind it which may lead to a fall and injury. Although it is said that a cat always lands four legs, it's only half true. If the animal does not have time to be properly grouped, it can break bones, and then you ordered the road to the vet, or God forbid, die. Therefore, especially when the kitten is now a teenager you need to always remember that locked the balcony door or window is a guarantee that the cat will not fall.

By following a few precautions in the house where a cat lives, you can not worry about its safety.

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