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Tortoiseshell cat

Many cat lovers say tri-color color the most unusual and beautiful from the variety of existing colors. Apparently, a reason people have long been isolated tortoiseshell cats, believing that these animals with "patches" have magical properties. So what is the tri-color color and whether or tortoiseshell cat - the cat is special, with its unusual features.

mystical component

It is interesting that at all times humane attitude to cats of various colors may vary from highly positive to highly negative. Equally positive was only to animals, combines its coloration three colors at once. Among our ancestors common belief that in order to protect your home from fire, it was necessary to have a motley black and ginger animal. If tortoiseshell cat visited the house the poor, expect fast profits and improved financial status. For example, US residents call tricolor cats cash.

In Russia, these animals were called - "Bogatko" And put in this name does not make financial sense, as indicated in the divine gift, which possesses an animal. Enrich - to obtain from the gods, what needs you and your family: good health, understanding and harmony between similar success in the craft and more. As our ancestors believed that to dream tortoiseshell cat to the unexpected but happy news.

tortoiseshell cat

For the wonderful traits and memorable appearance motley cats are extremely popular on the Japanese islands. Very favorite worldwide Maneki-neko usually have variegated color with chaotically located spots. But in fact, these porcelain cats can bring happiness to its owner and to bring good luck only the correct choice of figurines. Thus every important detail, the size and location of spots, to the tail positions. That is why buy such things are best in Japan, where knowledgeable and possessing information, the seller will tell you in detail about all the properties of these gizmos and will be able to help to choose the right cat suit you.

In the English kingdom with three-color cat's fur to keep the house from ghosts and evil spirits, bring comfort and harmony in the family. The British believe that these cats do not have selfish traits as representatives of many other breeds. Also experienced English captain said the storm will avoid motley cat living on the ship, which is more and ship rats will drive of holds. And if the old sea dog sees in a dream tortoiseshell beauty, you will know in advance that the voyage will be held successfully. Good weather does not deteriorate, and if the dream sailor visited during bad weather, and it would soon cease.

kinds of colors

There are two subspecies of tortoise color cats, both tricolor, but look different.

tortoiseshell cat

The first subspecies - tortie (tortie), which means turtle with scales. Imagine that fish scales superimposed on each other in a staggered manner and has, alternately black or red color. However, it is, of course, an ideal that does not occur naturally. For example, to understand that in front of you with the color of Persian tortie is virtually impossible because of the very lush pet fur. And the ratio of ginger to black in the amount of fifty-fifty, too, of a series of science fiction. Typically, some of the colors dominated. Yes, and they are distributed very unevenly, with some of the parties to one of the colors usually prevails.

The second subtype - calico (calico), which means turtle quilt. Here we are not dealing with scales, and with patches of wool solid black or red color. These spots can be positioned in very different ways. Have a clearly defined border or overlap one another. In this case the coat are white areas, they can occupy a small area or a rather large space.

Also tortoiseshell coloring can be patterned or solid. When the solid color image is absent, and the spots are distributed and uniformly colored. If to you will be an animal, which is a carrier tabby gene, then coat it will be possible to distinguish between the strips, which can be direct (tiger) or spiral (marble).

tortoiseshell cat

We should not forget that the color-coded spots like black or red is very conditional. But most of all pure colors found in purebred animals. But animals with a pedigree may have a black color with a hint of coffee, chocolate, gray or even blue. Red color in the case of a thoroughbred owner may be saturated yellow, honey, beige, bright red or ocher color.


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