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Do I need clothes for cats

Many cat lovers are wondering - why pets, completely covered with dense fur, special clothing. Of course, if the target is wearing it - to warm the animal, it is useless. Moreover, wearing a furry pet clothes, you run the risk of harm to his health, causing overheating of the body. But what about the rocks that nature has not endowed with thick fur?

According to experts, for the cats do not have a thick woolen cover, or even deprived of wool (Sphinx), wearing special clothes in cold or inclement simply cool and rainy weather is necessary. This will help avoid hypothermia of the animal, which is fraught with serious health problems.

A few years ago, such a cat clothing was in our country a true rarity. Many owners of their own sewing it, in order to protect their pets from bad weather. Today the market has a huge selection of different dresses for every taste and color. And for those who still create clothes with their own hands, there are special patterns, allowing you to create original outfits.

 Beauty and convenience

As they say beauty will save the world - and if you can make your pet more beautiful with the help of various items of clothing - go for it! However, it is worth remembering that for some species in need of warm clothes on a cold and rainy season, practicality is much more important than beauty. It is better to put on the animal freezes wool socks and blanket, which may not look too aesthetically pleasing, but certainly will not give your pet supercooled and protect from drafts ubiquitous.

Clothes for cats

During the walk, not bad to wear a cat suit - overalls. It not only warms it, but also help protect against ticks, fleas and other insect pests. However, remember that no clothes will not give 100% guarantee of protection from parasites, so do not neglect the treatment with special sprays and refuse to wear the collar against fleas.

Even in the warm season lightweight knitted garments can be quite useful. It will help to protect the animal from direct sunlight and heat.

 What should be clothes for cats

As mentioned above - the beauty of it is certainly good, but the practicality and convenience of clothes for cats, too, should be on top. Following this principle in the selection of dresses, you should give preference to natural, breathable materials. You need to choose clothes appropriate size, it should not hang the bag on the animal, as well as hamper the movement. Also do not forget that domestic cats have occasionally licking his shorstku. So periodically remove the clothing and allow your pet to look after themselves.

 How to teach a cat to wear clothes

Since wearing it is not a natural part of the life of domestic cats, then at first the owner will have to make some effort to ensure that the animals are accustomed to their new wardrobe.

It is best to train your cat to wear clothing from a young age, then it is pretty quickly enters into the habit and will not be perceived as something unnatural.

However, if time is lost, do not worry in vain. Just have to start gradually. First, wear animal is not more than five - ten minutes, or even less. The spend three or four such fitting, thus observe the reaction of your pet during the day. If we are a favorite in any does not want to wear a dress, then you can resort to cunning. Apply a few drops of valerian in the clothing or fail to stick method, but not a whip. Otherwise, the procedure of dressing and the wearing will never bring happiness to your pet.

A little patience and you are sure will achieve the result. Within a month your pet will calmly accept the dressing procedure, before going out for a walk.

Pet wear clothes or not, of course, solve the master. Remember that this decision should be based only on animal care.

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