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Especially kittens development by week

Every person who responsible approach to the health of your furry pet understands that this factor depends on many things. Including such as the right healthy food, learning many skills, conditions of animal accommodation. So prepared by the owner knows the principles and rules on which there kittens by week development: from birth and up to a year.

First week

On average, a newborn kitten weighs no more than a hundred grams. During the first week of life the baby usually adds as much more. Complete separation of the umbilical cord takes place on the third day after birth, hearing crumb begins on the fifth day. However, going in the direction of the sound stimulus kitten may not be able to.

The very first food for babies is breast milk. Its use is very important, as contained in the milk nutrients affect the future development of the animal, the formation of immunity.

Usually mother cat feeding their babies the first month of life. During the first two weeks of life the newborn kittens can not see or find my mother only by the smell. During this period, in any case it is impossible to wean kids from the mother. It is best to equip them for a separate toploo nest, protected from drafts and cold.

The development of the kittens by week

second week

By the time the kitten weighs about two hundred and fifty grams. Kittens hear much better, but still not able to move in the direction of the sound source. The eyes are still closed. They begin to make their first, in most cases, unsuccessful, attempt movement. Since then, the kids learn how to communicate with his mother and his peers. You can start stroking kittens, but it should be done very carefully. If you have children, start to teach them to respect and take care of pets.

third week

At that age kids are gaining weight to three hundred and fifty grams. Their vision has already been formed, but to estimate the distance to the object they are still not able to, so often come across obstacles. Also, kittens tend to get up on all fours and scratch himself behind the ear. More babies first teeth appear, which will continue to grow until two months of age. Now you can play with the kittens, and iron them.

fourth week

Weight kitten 2 months up to the indicator in the four hundred and fifty grams. This period is the most favorable for anthelmintic treatment. Kittens already cut twenty-six primary teeth. In months of age babies begin to take an interest in other foods besides breast milk. Also, the kids start to drink water.

fifth week

At that age kids need to start your own wash. For this it is necessary to trace. Since this is an important moment of pet training. Now little kids suck the mother's breast, as the cat spends with them less and less time. This is a time of change, the steady rhythm of the baby's life, which is not always pleasing to the kitten. At this time you can try to give crumbs hundred - one hundred and fifty grams of a special canned food designed for kittens. Now we need to prepare for a kitten its own individual place. You can use a special couch or ordinary soft pillow.

sixth week

At this time it is necessary to closely monitor the discharge pet for the detection of parasites. If pests are detected, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Now the kid practically not drink mother's milk, and it requires little nutrition. It is necessary to feed a kitten six times a day, giving a hundred grams of food at one go. This is the age at which the baby just need love and care. Also, try to protect your pet from the stress.

The development of the kittens by week

seventh week

At this age, breast milk feeding usually ends. So watch carefully, so that the baby had no problems with the stomach. If you see symptoms of gastric disorder, you should immediately contact the experts. Now baby diet should consist of six single meal.

Eighth week

By this time the kids have all the teeth to erupt, so it's time to separate him from his mother.

Also, it is time to carry out the primary prevention of feline diseases. Now you need to constantly inspect pet. To pussy easier endured separation from the mother, try to bring in his dwelling place familiar objects for him. Let the pet yourself exploring their territory. The main thing to protect it from chemicals, small items, poisonous plants and electric current.

ninth week

By this time you have to spend all the mandatory set of preventive procedures in the veterinary clinic. This is a very important process which in any case can not be passed to prevent further health problems.

tenth week

This is the time of active learning and getting used to the pet to its owner. It is not necessary to scold your pet, and even more to shout at him. Thus you will undermine your relationship is already at the primary level.

Eleventh week

Quick and order emboldened baby pokes his nose into all its interesting meta. Make it so that in these places was not dangerous to the pet subjects. Do not leave your baby unattended for a long time.

Twelfth week

At that age the kitten wonderful hears, sees, smells, feels. At this time, it is necessary to re anthelmintic treatment. The kitten should respond to his nickname, happily arrive at the reception of food, having fun playing outdoor games. It is necessary to ensure that the animal does not have problems in dealing with people and the other inhabitants of your house.

Thirteenth week

Kid continues to grow and develop. The main thing to watch for the maintenance of a harmonious relationship between you and the pet. Weight kitten approaching the figure in half a kilogram. The amount of food intake should be at least five times.

Fourteenth week

At this time, milk pet's teeth begin to gradually be replaced by native. You must follow this process, and in the case of inflammatory symptoms should immediately contact a veterinary clinic for the qualified help.

The development of the kittens by week

Fifteenth week

At this age, typically carried out first cut claws. This procedure is necessary to very carefully, so as not to create a negative association with trimming in the future. If you doubt your own abilities, refer to the veterinary clinic, where the said procedure will be carried out by professionals.

Sixteenth week

Weight kitten close to one kilogram of eight hundred grams. Also consult a specialist to conduct repeated prophylactic procedures.

fifth month

If your pet has reached the weight of two kilograms, it should be translated into four meals a day. You can combine wet and dry feeding, or to adhere to any one method.

sixth month

By this age, the animal grows to its adult size. Now begins puberty pet. So if your intention is to neuter a pet, then this procedure is best to spend up to a year, and in relation to a female for up to eight months. Power six-month animal cut up to three times a day.

seventh month

It begins the first season molt. Be prepared for the fact that the animal will often regurgitate woolen clumps. However, if you timely vychosyvat pet, then such incidents will be significantly less.

eighth month

You have to finally decide on the sterilization of your cat, as this age limit after which the animal will begin to develop sexual habits.

ninth month

Pay attention to the vaccination procedure, as the animal matures quickly and can be in areas where the risk of infection is much higher. This is especially true of animals walking on the street.

the tenth month

At this time, we should start to transfer the cat to baby food to an adult. However, it should be done very gradually.

eleventh month

At this age, a healthy animal plays a lot and lead sedentary lifestyles. Be ready for it. Also, the cat already has a strong sharp claws, so Take care acquisition scratching posts.

One year

Your baby has grown and can be considered an adult animal, so make sure that in this age of the pet came fully vaccinated, and if you took the appropriate decision, sterilized. Now, the animal should receive in writing a food for adult cats.

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