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The relationship between children and cats

If your child has not asked you to have a kitten, it means only one thing - soon he will ask you about it. Children really want to have your little furry pet, play and tinker with it. But sometimes it happens that the relationship of the kid and pet fold is not always successful. It happens that parents get in trouble, not knowing whether to save a child from a cat, or a cat from excessive curiosity baby. Of course, it happens that the relationship between the animal and the child is quite harmonious, but, unfortunately, it is not always.

There are cases of aggression on the part of an adult cat, in relation to the baby appears in the family. This can be attributed to instinctive animal struggle for attention to his person. Sometimes an animal can suddenly attack and scratch the baby. In this case, most people get rid of the pet to prevent similar incidents in the future. But if some effort, it is possible to bring harmony in the relationship between a child and a pet.

Cat and newborn

Even if you are the owner of a very good-natured animal, do not let the situation as pet reaction can sometimes be very sudden. As soon as the newborn will be in the house, you should acquaint him with the cat. Closely monitoring the situation, let her sniff the child and his belongings.

Cats and children

The animal must realize that the new member of the family does not pose any threat to her. If suddenly a cat hiss, then under no circumstances should you leave her and the baby alone in the room. Rather, the entire animal need time to get used to the presence of a newborn.

When your child begins to crawl or take their first steps required to pay attention to the behavior of the animal, it can take the kid trying to play for the attack and start to defend. Just at this period is the highest number of cases of aggression by the pets, so be especially careful.

Maintain order in the house, as small children are very curious and eager to taste everything that comes their way, making sure that they were not the objects of care for a pet, his toys, bowls of water and food.

Also, it is useful to carry out regular anthelmintic treatment of pet baby to prevent infection.

When to have a pet

The best time for visiting your home a kitten - an achievement your child age six or seven years, that's when the baby begins to consciously refers to an animal, will see him as a living being who needs care and concern. If you start a pet before, there is a danger that it will be for your child just another toy.

Sensible attitude to have appeared in the house of a living creature will teach your child responsibility, care, affection and kindness. Kitten will be much better with a little caring host than with the child - tormentor, which constantly need to hide under a sofa.

Also, when deciding on the establishment of the Cauchy make sure your child does not show an allergic reaction. In our time - this is a very common phenomenon.

Which cat is suitable for your child

It is not necessary for the child to acquire an expensive luxury cat, he did not appreciate, and will still play with her as well as with any outbred animals. Although it noted that the British breed cats get along well with children.

Cats and children

Persian cat, although it has a reputation as a selfish animal with a difficult character, actually quite phlegmatic and allows even the youngest children to play with them, to lay in a toy stroller and even swaddled like a baby.

Most importantly, do not purchase a child kitten Show-class, able to take part in exhibitions and win them. Children from this cold nor hot. For them will be enough to get a kitten PET-class.

Currently in the world there is no special "children" of breeds of cats, so let your child make choices on their own.

In any case, whatever the cat you choose to really baby will be able to make friends with it only in the course of care. Let your child help you feed your pet, clean up after him, change his water, and then the animal will see your baby the owner, not an object for the manifestation of jealousy.

If your child suddenly began to torment the cat, it is necessary to immediately stop, you can not allow him to hurt an animal, especially a defenseless kitten. The kid just has to understand that in front of him a living being that can experience pain and discomfort from some of his actions. Even the animal with the sweet temper will tolerate offense is not too long and, at best, will begin just avoided a child, and at worst - will show aggression. Be careful and watch the behavior of both sides.

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