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Why the cat smell from the mouth

When the content of cats is important to know that sometimes have to deal with health problems, one of which is bad breath. Scientifically it is called halitosis. If the breath in cats is very strong, it is likely that any medical problem. Do not worry, because all fixable.

Bad odor can be caused by a long series of health problems this cat.

Causes of

The reasons can be many. Often bad breath in cats occurs when an increased amount of bacteria in the mouth. It appears as a result of dental problems with teeth and gums. Your pet may be plaque or stone. It may also start due to dermatological problems or special diet. Permanent unpleasant odor may indicate that your pet serious health problems. These are various diseases of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract, liver, respiratory tract, etc. In such cases, should be complete pet thorough examination in the clinic.

Cause odor can correctly identify only a veterinarian. Ordinary examination can help identify the cause of problems. If the scan does not help, you should investigate further. Must be able to accurately answer questions about the diet of cats, oral hygiene, physical activity of the animal, its behavior.

Should refer to the vet if there is a large amount of tartar, which has characteristic brown color. Often this is accompanied by drooling, inflamed gums and eating disorders. Unusual, though the sweet smell may indicate that your pet is ill with diabetes. This is especially noticeable when the cat begins to urinate over and drink a lot. Breath smelling urine may indicate kidney disease. If malodor manifested by poor appetite and accompanied by vomiting, which may be caused by liver disease. In this case, corneas and gums cats become yellow.

 Cat Health


Treatment of problems with an unpleasant odor should be determined by a veterinarian, depending on the diagnosis. Cat may need to carry out the procedure professional teeth cleaning. Prevent the occurrence of bad odor can be achieved by regular checks, making sure that the cat has no health problems. Many believe that there is the smell of a certain age, and this is normal, but in fact it is necessary to treat. In order not to have developed kazusnye situation, you need every day to clean cat teeth, using a special toothpaste and a small brush. Ordinary toothpaste designed for people who can cause an upset stomach in cats.

I need to discuss with your veterinarian the right diet, the diet to determine if it is necessary. Some veterinarians believe that dry food will help slow the progression of plaque on the teeth.

If, however, you will not be in time to treat the cat having a bad smell in the mouth, ignoring it, this can cause tooth loss and infection.

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