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The process of habituation to the tray kitten

Many kittens sellers during intercourse say that their animals are already accustomed to the tray. However, in practice this is not always the case. After the baby comes into your home, he again and again with their physical needs in the wrong place.

In order to understand how to train a kitten to the tray, you will need patience, love and desire.

rules accustom

• Make it so that the kitten could not move independently over the entire area of your home. Let the kid will always be on your mind. So you will be able to better control his behavior.
• Do not use brute force. Periodically plant the animal in the chute, to baby I met with this element life and gradually getting used to it.
• try to treat the baby on the tray after waking up and eating.
• If a kitten can not understand that their business need to dig into the filler, then help him in this. Make paddling movement of his hind legs.
• Very carefully watch the baby. Once you understand that the animal is going to go to the toilet, then quickly but gently take it and take it on a tray. After completion of all affairs praise him.
• You can wet cloth place last unsuccessful commit affairs and put it in the tray.
• You can try to experiment with different types of filler. Everything is possible in this case. Some cats do not like the smell or color.

How to train a kitten to the tray

After each visit an independent tray is necessary to praise the kitten, you can offer him some delicacy.

In any case, even if there is a hard learning process can not raise your voice to the animal or the use of force. Such an attitude can once and for all to discourage baby wish to use a tray, as this procedure will associate it with stress and negative emotions.

Remember that love and patience to your main weapon.
In that case, if you live in your own home, you can teach a kitten to go to the toilet on the street. To accomplish this, it is also necessary to train a kitten to a conventional tray, and then gradually change its location, closer to the front door. After that, the tray is on the street and the need for it disappears. The main thing in this case the lack of haste. Think first about the health of your pet.

Is it possible to train a cat to the toilet

Actually teach a kitten with their physical needs in the toilet is quite real. This method of using the toilet has several advantages over the conventional tray. Perhaps in order to accustom the animal in such a way to go to the bathroom need some more time. However, later you will be spending it much less. You do not have to monitor the state of the tray, wash it, change the vehicle, take the time to buy it. In addition, your money will not be spent on not the cheapest filler.

How to train a kitten to the tray

How to do it

• Your primary task to move the tray to its permanent seat on the toilet to the toilet. It must be moved short distances, every two or three days. At this stage, your goal is to make the animal had entered into a tray next to the toilet.
• Now it is necessary to gradually increase the height of the tray to the level of sidushki toilet. Such an increase should be made no more than five centimeters a day.
• Once the animal get used to the high-tray, you must put it straight on the toilet or pour a filler under the rim. You can also use special sprays that attract animals.
• Do not rush to remove the tray, note that the cat should stand on the rim of the toilet with all four paws.

After the learning process is successfully completed, you need to remember the basic rules of successful use of the toilet of your pet:
• Always keep the door to the bathroom open.
• Do not close the lid of the toilet.
• Periodically wipe the seat sanitary napkins.
By the way, some cat lovers are opposed to such a method. Pointing to the fact that this animal is not natural and there is no way to control the excretory system.

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