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ProPlan - cat food

"ProPlan" - is fodder for premium cat having its veterinary line. He is represented by three types of fodder: dry food for healthy cats, canned food and medicated feed. "ProPlan" refers to the balanced feed, which means that when feeding your pet this food only, it does not require any additional additives.

When transferring the animal on dry food, you should really forget about any supplements allegedly enliven the diet cats, unless they are recommended to the vet. premium pet food does not require any add-ons.

When the protein content of 40% of this food is ideal for healthy cats. This may be a bust for the sick or neutered cats, then you should pick up the food for them. "ProPlan" is also suitable for kittens.

ProPlan cat food

It should nevertheless understand that included in these 40% of the proteins, i.e., protein. A significant advantage is, if the feed contains the real meat of chicken. There are also variations with salmon, duck, but these flavorings constitute only a small percentage of the total volume contained meat. Either feed protein highest percentage of vegetable, such as soy flour, soy concentrate, corn. This is a big disadvantage, because corn - is often the GMO product, as well as the cheapest and most harmful to cats. This can often result in allergies or hair loss.

Another disadvantage is that the components - is often not poultry, and only waste after processing. It can be legs, head, feathers, intestines, which is clearly not beneficial to your pet. In "ProPlane" contains other components related to the doubtful - a liver and fat. Liver cats are allowed to eat only in small quantities.

Among the advantages can be noted in the content of this brand of rice food, which is among the cereal is the most suitable for cats. In some types of "ProPlan" feed composed can be seen and brewer's yeast, and powdered cellulose, which may lead to allergies.

The only thing that carries the food to the category of premium-class, so it's helpful to digestion, probiotics and enzymes, as well as many vitamins and minerals that contribute to the work of the kidneys. It turns out that the food contains both beneficial and harmful components.

ProPlan cat food

Once the cat is already in a few weeks will only eat this food, you should show it to the vet to make sure it is in good condition of health. If all is well digested, so your pet the food came.

Pros "ProPlana" that exists both dry and wet food. A separate line of special treatment of feed with excellent properties. The presence of meat. Enzymes and probiotics in the composition. Balanced feed, which requires no additives. These feeds are quite common, as they often can be seen both good and bad reviews. In most cases, the owners, try this food, continue to use only his. In comparison with other, more well-known brands such as Go Natural, NOW, Acana this food is quite affordable.

The negative side is that a lot of vegetable protein are part of. The presence of soy, corn, and other allergens. A small amount of vegetables. Not many ingredients are high quality, and all the more useful. Price per package weight of 10 kg. It is 2500 rubles.

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