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The largest cat breeds

Cats are the most common pets. According to unofficial data, in the world there are about 600 million pet cats, belonging to one of the 256 species, from fluffy Persians to completely hairless Sphynx.

Most people, after all, tends to be normal-sized cats, in the recent past, even was the fashion for miniature cats and dogs, but few people can grow, nurture and feed the animal really large sizes.

At the moment, the biggest domestic cat in the world is an American breed of cats - Maine Coon. In this case, the word "large" means exactly, how big is the size of cats.

If we compare the cats on height at the withers, the record will be for the other, a very famous rock, quite different from the Maine Coon - Savannah.

The biggest cat in the world Photo

The largest breed of domestic cats Maine Coon is the root for the US descended from wild cats living on American farms. At first Maine coon cats was called to the color "black tabby", reminiscent of the locals raccoons, whence came their name literally means - "Manx raccoon." If we look closely, they are more like the lynx. These friendly cats are different extraordinary size and weight. Adult animals reach a meter in length, the record was 1.23 meters.

The biggest cat

Cat Stewie, who recently died of cancer, is still considered the longest in the history of the cat. At the height it reached 41 cm. Before him, the record was a cat of the same breed, the length of which reached 1.21 meters. The weight of the largest domestic cats are from 6 to 9 kg, often there are individuals to 12 kg. Record among Maine Coons - 15 kg. Tail length according to the rules must be equal to 4/5 of the entire length of a cat, pulling up her shoulders. Despite the fact that this breed belongs to the long-haired, it does not require regular combing. Feed this cat is not so easy, because it eats up many times more ordinary domestic cats. At the same time Maine Coons prefer natural food all kinds of feed. The peculiarity of these giant cats in their peaceful, gentle disposition. These cats never tear up the furniture, if they have kittens. They do not climb to where they will not be forgiven. Maine Coons, as most big cats, are very fond of households and easy to adapt to the new environment.

The biggest cat savanna

Savannah breed cats are the largest domestic cats for growth. They reach a height of 60 cm and a weight up to 20 kg.

Savannah breed is considered to be not only the biggest cat in the world, but also the most expensive. Price per specimen of this large cat breed can vary from 100 to 660 thousand rubles, depending on the class.

Their distinctive features - long legs, slender body, long ears, short thick coat mottled color. Savannah cats have high intellectual ability, calm sweet temper, active lifestyle.

The biggest liger cat

The largest cat on the conclusion of the Guinness Book -ligr Hercules. It is a hybrid, whose parents are lion and a tigress. It's certainly not a house cat, but inhabits this huge pet is constantly surrounded by people. He is very kind and obedient, compared with its neighbors. The weight of this "cat" is 408 kilograms. At the same time, its body length is more than 3.5 meters and a height of 1.8 meters.

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