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How many years live cat

More recently, your home favorite was very young tiny a ball of wool. But for the time inexorably and now your cat has already grown into a real stately beauty. And if you are really loving and caring owner, you've probably already thought on the subject, how many of your favorite of years in human terms, and approximately how much time she devoted to our world. It should address the question in more detail, how many live domestic cats, with due care for them.

The life span of pet cats

Into the Wild, representatives of small cat live a relatively short time - about 5 - 7 years. Roughly the same amount of time you have and stray cats. This situation is due to the fact that these animals unfavorable living conditions. Their food is not regularly and not always enough, they are not protected from the weather, predators and rarely come into conflict with members of their same species. Therefore, their life expectancy is not so great.

Cats living in loving owners, and often live to 20 years. After all, they do not have as much as their wild counterparts, experiencing hunger, stress, suffer from attacks.

In addition, they are always ready to provide medical assistance. Therefore, the question, how many cats live, hard dates definite answer. It depends on the love of their owners.How many cats live

The main condition of longevity domestic cat - a love of the hosts. These animals are extremely sensitive to human emotions, and they know how you treat them. The very feeling of love and care for a long time is able to prolong their lives.

In second place is the importance of proper nutrition for. It should study the characteristics of feeding cats breed of your pet. Food should be healthy, balanced and moderate. The cat should always have access to fresh drinking water. Never give your cat dry food is cheap, it is better to prefer food premium or natural products: meat, poultry, fish, and some dairy products and eggs.

If you want your cat to have lived as long as possible a happy life, do not be lazy once in half a year to take her to a good vet and follow its recommendations. By the way, the cats, who were subjected to castration or sterilization, live a few years longer.

How to identify the age of catAge cats

In most cases, the owners of pets known age of their pet. Sometimes, however, in some cases, the exact age of the cat may be unknown to the owner. There are several easy ways to learn about the age of the cat. Option one - at puberty. It occurs in cats between the ages of 7 to 9 months. Full physical form of the adult body is achieved by 18 months. The second variant determine the age of the cat - in the teeth. Front incisors of cats worn down over time. If the cat's milk teeth are changing, so it for about six months, if the central incisors in the lower jaw are erased, the cat about one and a half years. If there are traces of wear fangs, then the animal for about 5 years. If the central incisors fall, its about 10 years.

Comparison of human and cats age age

Many owners of pets interesting to know how old their cat in human terms.

One of the best known ways to find out the age of the cats in terms of human - the multiplication of the number of years, cats 7.

But this is not the right rule. After all, every year the life of a cat is considered differently. The first year of life is 15 years in men. Cat two years in human terms would be for 24 years. Further, every year of life cats should be added to the 4 years of its human age. This ratio of ages can be considered the most faithful.

Let your cat live as long as possible!

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