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Why do cats claws

Many people around the world have pets. Someone like parrots, funny chirping in their cages. Some people prefer a faithful dog, which brings slippers. But most people gets cats at home.

These fluffy, beautiful and sociable animals act as a kind of antidepressant. They always want stroke, squeeze and cuddle. These animal petting reciprocates. It gently purrs and caresses, and it relieves stress.

Unbelievable but true! It has long been shown that domestic cats are able to display their owners from the state of deep depression. Moreover, these amazing animals feel pain and a person lying down on a desired area of ??the body, remove it.

However, many owners of these remarkable creatures completely forget about the animals, the wild part of their favorites. Cat - a predatory animal, having a huge autonomy and difficult character. One of the natural features of cats is their love for sharpening claws on any suitable items for this purpose. In this case, the pet will not worry that this leather sofa for a few hundred thousand or design wooden table.

How a cat's claws

 Claws of cat life

So the visionary owner of advance zapasotsya special kittens. Some inquisitive owners are wondering how the claws of a cat? Nature endowed these animals eighteen very sharp, curved claws. At the same time on the front legs they have located five claws, and rear four.

Claws play a very important role in the life of a cat. This means of defense and attack should always be in a suitable condition. Many researchers believe that cats sharpen their claws when the animals - they mark their territory on which feel safe and secure.

So treat with understanding to the natural needs of your pet. Purchase a scratching post and keep it always in the same place that the cat remembered her whereabouts.

Periodically nails cut with special scissors or eroding them with a nail file. Also in the range are now pet stores feature special caps for the claws to help protect the interior of your home from damage.

Of course, it is possible to resort to more radical methods - declawing procedure. However, remember that the vast majority of experts categorically insist on the Prohibition of such a manipulation, because they see in it an example of the barbaric attitude to our younger brothers for the sake of human whims.

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