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American Wirehair


American Wirehair traces its history since 1966, when the first representative of this breed was found on an American farm. Discovered kitten looks almost no different from the US gladkoshorstnoy cats, but have one important feature - a unique coat. Which was very matted and resembles a wire.

An interesting fact is that the parents of this extraordinary kitten did not have such hair, as well as his last surviving brother. However, in the same litter were with him yet, "wire" kittens, but, unfortunately, killed rapacious ermine. And if not for the efforts of the American breeder Dzhoan Oshia, which acquired a host of unique kitten farm, we could lose this wonderful breed.

external signs

Though the breed and was named American zhestkoshorstnaya, her hair is actually only superficially rigid and soft to the touch and pleasant, reminiscent of a plush toy.

The fact that the hairs that make up hair, twisted and entangled with each other, resulting in no lie clinging to the body and even a little spring.

It is interesting that in some places the animal's wool is the most common on the body, without the teddy effect. Mustache representatives of this breed are usually twisted. Color can be very different, but the most common tortoiseshell with white patches and brown with a striped pattern.

This animal is medium to large in size, with a rounded body, endowed with correct proportions, strong legs and well muscled, with an oval shape. The head is usually rounded, nose typically has a small concavity in the nose bridge area. Standing far from each other's ears are of medium size and slightly rounded tips. The representatives of this breed are wide apart, large eyes, round shape, with a clear color, which often is combined with wool.

Interestingly, not all kittens in a litter of American zhestkoshorstnoy born with fur firm. Usually somewhere half the offspring have normal hair close to the body, but these animals are also very good-looking.

 Character and habits

American zhestkoshorstnaya has a wonderful, very kind and obedient disposition, very attached to his master. Able to repay the extraordinary tenderness and faithfulness, for showing her caring and understanding.

American Wirehair

These cats love to human society, not clogged under the sofa when you come to visit. Like outdoor games and are quite good hunters of rodents.

Representatives of this breed are unflappable, calm, character, distinguished by independence, easily tolerate the loneliness. So if you do not happen often at home - American zhestkoshorstnaya your choice. Annoying meowing is not a feature peculiar to this balanced animal.

Young animals are very easily tolerate changes in their lives, are getting used to new living conditions, it is not afraid of crossings. Although with age, these qualities are not so bright.

 Care and Health

Despite the presence of the coat of unusual care of these animals can not be attributed to a very time-consuming activities. You need to comb your pet occasionally stiff brush and this will be quite enough. Frequent water treatment, these animals do not require, however, we must remember that you need to dry the animal with a hair dryer, to coat regained its unique appearance.

American Wirehair

Any health problems and hereditary diseases American Wirehair has not occurred since this breed as a result of natural mutation. Usually representatives of this breed have a good good health and live quite a long time. If these animals provide good nutrition and quality care, on time to carry out all necessary procedures, including timely vaccination, they feel good and look great throughout his career.


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