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Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau - a breed native to east, which recently domesticated. These inhabitants of the deserts differ good health, long years of life and good character striving for freedom. Today, it is provisionally recognized breed.

The history of occurrence

This breed traces its ancestry to the Middle East, where it has been known for hundreds of years. domestication process was started with the moment when the wild ancestors of the cats decided to find their own food in human settlements.

Today's Arabian Mau is not so very different from their wild ancestors. A feature of these cats is a high resistance to elevated ambient temperatures. This is not surprising, as the natural habitat of these cats is the hot desert. The largest population of these animals is in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Qatar. On the international scene, these feline cats were found in the twentieth century, then began a serious breeding work to improve the qualities of the representatives of this breed. Arabian Mau standard was approved in the year two thousand eight, and two thousand and nine, these cats began to participate in exhibitions.

external signs

These animals have a strong constitution and muscular, which is prepared for survival in the desert. The legs are long enough, and the foot oval. Tail tapering towards the end, has an average length. The head is round with a strong chin, and oval-shaped eyes. The ears are located on the sides a little bit. Eye color usually corresponds to the color of the animal. Undercoat Arabian Mau does not have. Coat color is white, black, gray, brown. May be combined with the presence of different color stains.


These animals have a kind and freedom-loving character. They get along very well with other animals living in the house, as well as all members of the family. These cats love to climb on the highest point in the house. Arabian Mau love to play, as well as a walk in the fresh air. In old age, these cats are very calm person friends. Representatives of this breed do not like to impose their society to people if they do not wish to order. They have a highly developed hunting instinct.

Arabian Mau


These cats have excellent health and appropriate care almost are not ill. Grooming is carried out independently, but during seasonal moulting may require combing, and the adoption of water treatments.

These animals are simply necessary action games and walks in the fresh air. If this element in the life of the Arabian Mau is absent, these cats may begin to suffer lower immunity. The life expectancy of cats is quite high.

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