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Australian mist


Australian Mist, or even call this breed Australian Mist, unique, unusual animal native to exotic Australia. At present, this remarkable breed was able to obtain official recognition only in the WCF organization.

Except, in Australia, this young breed, bred the Sydney breeders in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, it is found quite rarely.

When breeding this animal Australian breeders have worked with cats Abyssinian and Burmese as well as with domestic pedigree cats.

At the same time during the work used a unique breeding program, allowing you to select only the best qualities of each animal was used in deriving the Australian Mist. Experts set themselves the task of obtaining a cat, which would resemble burmanskuyu appearance with the color decorated specific spotty pattern.

As a result, Australian Mist inherited from cats Burmese breed strong constitution and sociable character, and won four of the six possible colors Burmese.

From Abyssinian breed Australian Mist received two variants of color and ticking, plus activity and sunny disposition. From mongrel pets very beautiful spotted pattern and the ability to early maturation. As a result, a team of breeders through hard work managed to achieve this goal, and in 1986 the breed was registered with the Australian institutions cat lovers and was named Australian Spotted Mist.

After almost twenty years in 1998, the registration was carried Australian Mist with marble-spotted coat color and eye color aquamarine, these outward signs of the animal were obtained after adding breed Siamese gene. After that, the breed got its present name - Australian Mist.

Currently, this breed is not very common outside the territory of Australia, so that the average cost of a kitten Australian Mist is difficult to determine. However, it is known that given the pedigree and sex, cats of this breed are more expensive cats, kitten cost can be quite high.

 external signs

Australian Mist is an animal of medium size with a bit fitting coat. The peculiarity of the breed is spotted or marbled spotted with color background ticked.

Australian mist

The lower part of the body significantly lighter than the top, it creates the illusion draped veil, which gives representatives of this breed is an incredible charm and mystique.

Ears Australian Mist usually medium-sized, straight or slightly the allotted with the characteristic rounded tips.

Eyes have almond-shaped, often slightly slanted, with incredibly beautiful color of aquamarine or green with a golden iris.

The tail is slightly shorter than the length of the torso with characteristic dark stripes and a rounded tip.

 Character and habits

 Australian Mist is a cat that prefers to spend all their time at home, without any problems coping with the lack of walks easily spend a lot of time in confined spaces.

The nature of the representatives of this breed is soft and flexible. Their sociability and desire for mobile games will not become a burden for the owners, these cats are not afraid of strangers, very responsive and extremely friendly. There is a notably tolerant of other pets, easily find common language with them. Love spending time with children can spend hours playing, entertain, and even safeguard kids out of trouble. Kindness and tolerance of cats are the envy of many other pets. Australian Mist easy to endure long absence of the owners, to easily be able to entertain herself.

Australian mist


Due to the fact that this breed of cats is not too common, information about a particular care for these animals is not available. However, it is known that as a shorthair breed, it will save their owners from unnecessary problems during the molting season. At the same time, like any other Australian Mist cat is still necessary from time to time and subject vychosyvat water procedures. It is also necessary to cut the claws, to monitor the cleanliness of eyes and ears. In order to forestall any health problems to undergo periodic preventive examination at the veterinarian and your pet will delight you with good health and great mood for many years.

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