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Balinese cat

The history of occurrence

Representatives of this breed can be safely attributed to the category of poludlinnoshorstyh Siamese cats. The history of its occurrence in common with the history of the emergence of the Somali cat breed, descended from Abyssinian.

It is known that in the body of any cat shorthair breed longhair gene is present, which can be passed on to offspring. Because of this newborn kittens may carry the gene as a long-haired and short-haired. As usual, dlinnoshorstye offspring recorded in the marriage, as long as the enthusiasts from the world of breeders do not pay attention to them. Then we have the chance, thanks to culled kittens get a completely unique breed.

Just such a history and there was a Balinese cat. To secure the long-haired gene American breeders enthusiasts in the forties of the twentieth century was made crossing semilonghair representatives of the Siamese breed. After the gene binding occurred breeders began working on the contours of the body, giving it pronounced smoothness and flexibility. The final touch was the emergence of corporate tail fringed.

When naming the breed noticed that the smooth contours of the body of the creature, its soft flexible plastic, is very reminiscent of the beautiful dancers, who live on the island of Bali. It is this observation determined the name of the breed - Balinese cat. In 1970, this breed is recognized, and in 1972 was admitted to participate in competitions and exhibitions.


 Balinese cat - an animal with the body of a Siamese cat, wedge-shaped head, slim, poludlinnoshorstnaya. The size of the representatives of this breed is mainly a miniature. Average weight - five kilograms. Very elegant and refined establishment with a long body, slender legs, a lush, reminiscent fringe tail. When this has developed musculature. Interestingly, the offspring of the representatives of this breed are born kipelno white and only in the process of growing to its normal Siamese color.


 Balinese are very loyal to his master. Allow yourself to walk on a leash, like dogs. However, care should be taken to the leash strongly Do not overtighten the neck, they do not like. Cats of this breed are very sociable and love to the human society. Talk with family members and by the owner of their favorite pastime. If it does not show the negative, then it must make friends with anyone with whom to live under the same roof, especially with children.

This animal has inexhaustible energy and an ideal partner for the game. However, Balinese cat requires careful, responsible, sensitive parenting. Be prepared for the fact that the Balinese do not forgive nor forget the undeserved punishment. However, properly bred animal - very sociable, intelligent and faithful companion.

If your intention is to have a Siamese cat, but are afraid of her quick temper, the better rewound Balinese. Their character is much more calm and docile. They do not suffer alone and never leave alone his master.

Be sure to let your pet splash out the accumulated energy. Excellent for that suitable field trips, cottage or country house. There, your pet will be able to ad lib narezvitsya and show its outstanding hunting qualities. It is interesting to notice that these animals, with each person build individual relationships. They feel the mood and attitude of the person to the person. Depending on this, behave with each person differently.

Balinese cat image

These cats are very intelligent. You can not hide their toys in closed drawers or boxes. Balinese can easily overcome all obstacles on the path to the content. In addition, this breed is characterized by a natural ability to acrobatics, their jumps are staggering.


Cats of this breed disease inherent characteristic representatives Siamese group.

The house where the Balinese cat lives have to be warm and dry. Failure to do so may cause your pet's infection and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, which can be very detrimental to him. Balinese offspring can inherit breathing problems at the genetic level. So before you choose a kitten inspect it. Cat should breathe calmly and without wheezing, eyes and nose should be no discharge.

Sometimes representatives of this breed can be born with congenital strabismus. However, if you do not want to expose your cat to the competition, it should not scare you. Most animal such defect did not interfere and does not affect the behavior and health. However, strabismus may be an optical illusion due to the narrow snout of these cats. In addition, often with age, it passes itself. Please be aware that the Balinese, as well as many representatives of the Siamese group susceptible to allergies. The reaction can cause such things as the availability of in-house large quantities of dust, smoke from tobacco, air fresheners, deodorizers, flea bites and ticks.

Balinese cat picture

The main requirement for maintaining the health of your pet is: the right diet, regular visits to the vet and share a pleasant pastime. Follow these simple rules and Balinese will delight you and your family for many years.


 Most importantly, for what you need to look in the Balinese - a coat. It have long does not have the undercoat. Therefore, several times a week, be sure to comb its special brush. But some cats prefer to host their hands to comb.

Occasionally expose cat aqueous procedures, clean the teeth. The earlier kittens are accustomed to these procedures, the less dental problems arise in the course of life. Once every two weeks should be examined ears, the extent of pollution of their need to clean with a damp cloth. However, this should be done very carefully, wary of cartilage fracture of the ear and bend in an unnatural position.

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