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Aegean cat

Aegean cat is very freedom-loving, fond of fresh air and free unfettered space. If you keep a cat in the house, it is necessary to ensure her freedom of movement and regular walks. However, despite the love of freedom, this breed rather quickly adapts to the lifestyle of its owner: sleep and awake with him at one time. Distinguish Aegean cats extraordinary mind and devotion to his master. Thanks to its roots, Aegean cats are excellent hunters. Those individuals who live by the sea, are excellent fishermen.

Aegean representative of the breed are distinguished by their strength and endurance. They are great to get along with other pets and is very friendly with other people. When dealing with children Aegean Cat show restraint and patience, never releasing claws. With strangers can be very kind and the first to make contact, allowing himself to stroke.

The history of occurrence

Aegean Cat is home to the Greek island of Tsikladis, which is surrounded by the Aegean Sea. In honor of the sea and the breed got its name. In nature, Aegean cats live on the shores of the sea and to this day can be found in their natural habitat. This breed is considered native, as the appearance and the formation of these animals occurred without human interaction. Felinologists interested in this breed only in the 90s dvatsatogo century. In our time, the breed is recognized as an experimental and very rare outside of Greece. However, it is likely that it is only a matter of time.

Cats aegean breed love water. In nature, the main food of these cats is the fish that they themselves catch.

In Greece, this breed is nicknamed "the other fishermen," because cats of this breed can spend hours waiting for their owners to catch on shore.


Aegean cats are very dense and muscular body and a well-developed shoulder girdle. The trunk has an elongated shape, a well-developed chest and tight stomach. Limbs in cats of this breed is fairly long, large paws, round shape with grasping claws.

The head is triangular in shape and is located on the powerful and strong neck. Ears well placed and significantly different in size, gradually taper from the base to the tips. Ears have a strong enough body hair. The nose is straight, medium size. Aegean Cat eyes are oval-shaped and slightly slanted. Deep and penetrating gaze, eye color is different shades of yellow and green.

Aegean Cat with kitten

The tail is of medium length, quite omitted, without kinks and knots. Fur of cats has almost no undercoat, medium length, well protected animals in the cold season.

Color Aegean Cat can be very diverse. It is considered the most common combination of white with other colors. The so-called bicolour can be presented in various color combinations: black-and-white, cream and white, white and red, white and blue, white and silver. Also, there are three-color colors, but the predominant color is white. Most often, it takes 2/3 of the permissible combination of white color with a minor in 1/3, respectively. Note that white color should be bright and clean, without admixtures of other shades. Weight Aegean Cat is relatively small - about 2-4 kg.


A distinctive feature of the Aegean Cat is a lively and colorful character. These animals are always in motion, they are very mobile and active. They are unable to sit in one place, so if you dreamed of a cat that will be with you to watch movies, then this breed you will not do. Another advantage of these cats is that they are excellent hunters and Mouser.

It is best to keep a cat in a private house, in fact because of their activity, she will not be able to live fully in the confined space of the apartment.

They do not have the habit to spoil the furniture. This breed of cat is absolutely nerevnivy, so the host can share the attention with someone else. With regard to children manifests itself very friendly, you can play with your child for hours, never hurt him, moreover, would take their duty to protect the baby.


Aegean Cat is very accommodating and always feel, when you can attract the attention of the owner, and when it is better not to bother. To deal with them is equal, any of your intonation they will understand without difficulty.


For cats Aegean breed is easy enough to take care of, because they are very picky in care. Medium length wool devoid undercoat requires periodic comb (especially during moulting) to avoid the appearance of tangles. To do this, a soft brush with natural bristles and comb with a few teeth. Ears and eyes must be treated with special cleaning solutions.

Aegean cats are not afraid of water, so bathing process will not cause trouble. Health cats of this breed is very strong, because due to their origin, they are adapted to living in a natural environment. However, in a timely manner to instill and maintain the immune system of cats is a must. Also, be sure to arrange these cats go for long walks in the fresh air. Aegean cat breed in the average live from 8 to 13 years.


Aegean cat breed is not very popular in Russia, possibly due to the fact that apparently they are very similar to our "yard" of cats.

Breeding of cats in the world is very small, most of them located in Greece. In Russia, these kennels and did not.

Therefore, if you decide to purchase Aegean Cat, then its value will increase due to the fact that you have to pay the reservation and the costs of transporting the animal. However, do not forget that not all nurseries carry out the delivery of such animals into Russia. The cost of each individual is determined individually. The average price of a breed of cats - 200 euros.

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