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Exotic shorthair

Exotic shorthair, or so-called "cat Snoopy" - breed shorthair cats, whose closest relative - the Persian cat. These animals are similar not only in appearance, but also gentle, cheerful and faithful disposition. The main difference between them from the Persians - a thick and short hair, requires virtually no maintenance. They jokingly referred to as "Persian cat for the lazy".

Due to its exotic kind, unpretentious, photogenic and good-natured disposition, this cat is one of the ten most popular cat in the world.


This breed has been artificially created by American breeders in the 1960s. The first kittens were completely random. American breeders engaged in traditional American breed shorthair cats, trying to improve their breed type, crossing them with Persian cats. As a result of cross-breeding, they wanted to get new colors and eye colors, a strong constitution. This result shocked all - instead faces the traditional American Shorthair breeders saw the doll's face, reminiscent of the Persians. Almost all indicators was clear - Persian. The only exception was short and like plush wool in its structure.

For US breeders, of course, it was a failure. After all, the resulting offspring are not even remotely resemble what they hoped to improve. But this sweet little face could not leave anyone indifferent. In 1966, the breeder Dzheyn Martink introduced and registered a new breed called "Exotic Shorthair".


Body - medium or large size. Strong, muscles not bulging. Compact, stocky, with a massive chest and back. It is shaped like a square.

Limbs - natural length, strong, short, thick.

Head - medium-sized, round. Cheeks bulging, protruding forehead. The massive lower jaw. Miniature nose, snub. The neck is short and powerful.

Ears - small, set wide apart. With dense vegetation inside that hides oblique location of the ears.

Eyes - large, low planted wide apart. Open look, colorful. The color corresponds to the color.

Tail - Medium length, proportional to body, thick, bushy, rounded at the end.

Wool - a short, thick, silky, not close to the body, has a good dense undercoat. All colors are permitted.


Friendly exotic nature is clearly expressed in their external charm and charisma. They have a quiet, calm voice, which is to my opinion, good manners. These cats have a very fine line between affection and love, they will not bother with tenderness and wait when you are their caress. They are hard to tolerate solitude, so valued in the company of loved ones.

Cats of this breed different from cats more independence. Males have a true dog's temperament and dedication. According to observations, from exotic shorthair cats intelligence is slightly higher than that of the Persians. They would react calmly to move, going to the veterinary clinic, only to master, loving and caring, always was there.

Emotional contact with people for exotics - one of the main indicators of harmony. If you feel it does not matter, the cat will try to help you, hugging teddy body to the sore spot.

They always feel the approach of the hosts and happy to meet them. Family instincts of this breed deserves special attention. By raising kittens, they are very kind, enthusiastically playing with kittens.

The natural serenity and balance makes them great friends of the family and allows you to adapt to any environment. Exotics difficult to get to show aggression. They are ready to walk in the footsteps of his master, but to get used to the new person can only through time. If a person they did not like, they will not feel hostility, but just try to avoid it.

Exotic photo

Exotic Shorthair easily teachable, memorize commands and prohibiting speech. Some kittens, because of its delicacy, afraid to sit in the hands of the owner. To embrace, too, is accustomed from an early age, it is not only an act of love, but also a chance to control the pet's emotions. But it is worth remembering that during the training can not be taken Exotic force, it, too, like a sudden scream or minimal manifestation of violence can traumatize him forever.


Exotic Shorthair unpretentious. Combing them requires 2-3 times a week good brushed metal, because they have very thick undercoat, characterized by the Persian in length, but not by volume. Wash their advice at least once a month, and its face with a damp cloth every day, focusing on the tracks of tears, eyes, nose. The claws must be cut once a fortnight.

For exotic important to have a safe and comfortable area in the apartment. Their private place should be spacious, comfortable and warm. It is advisable to placing it closer to the owners.

Often exotics like to sleep or just lie on the cold surfaces, make sure that it did not last long, otherwise your pet can catch a cold.

cost of

The average price of Snoopy cat is 10 to 25 thousand rubles. Exotics can be called longevity - they live more than 15 years.

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