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How and what to feed young kittens

So, in your house appeared fluffy ball. First of all, you as the owner must provide the child proper nutrition. But you need to decide on the type of food, which will have to adhere to. For proper nutrition kitten fit as finished food and natural products. If you purchased an animal from a breeder, ask the nursery staff, what and how to feed a kitten.

  Natural type of feeding

Do not assume that the natural type of feeding involves the eating of animal products from the human table. Moreover, food for people is bad for cats completely at any age, since it uses a lot of cooking salt, spices, seasonings and other ingredients that are harmful to animals.

Natural type of food for the kitten - it is specially prepared food that contains all the necessary substances for proper growth and development of the baby. Because the cat belongs to the category of animals of prey, nature provided the use of her to eat lots of protein, so the diet should contain adequate amounts of meat and fish.

In this case, the meat can be any except pork (it is too fatty), giving it a better boiled, razmelchonnym into small pieces. Occasionally possible to give the crude product, previously conditioned in boiling water for at least three minutes. You can also give offal, except offal ha, but necessarily boiled.

What to feed a kitten 2 months

Regarding the choice of fish, it is necessary to focus on low-fat species such as hake, haddock, cod and others. In no case do not let the animal capelin and pollock, and in all forms. The use of this fish can lead to kidney stones. It is worth knowing that the fish should not be given more frequently than twice a month, as the animals quickly start disclaims all other foods, including meat. Also note that in any case it is impossible to give an animal salted, smoked, canned fish.

From time to time in the diet of a kitten should appear vitamins and minerals. Primarily for young growing organism and requires calcium, because it is through this element forming animal bones. The largest amount of this element is found in dairy products, but it is better to choose low-fat and low-fat their views.

A good source of calcium are chicken necks, as they have a lot of fairly soft cartilage and small bones.

Good idea to enter into the diet of a variety of cereals and vegetables, except potatoes, which contain poorly digested starch kitten. Giving them need boiled and mixed with meat in a proportion of one to four.

Approximate daily amount of food consumed is calculated from the proportions of two hundred grams of food per kilogram of animal body weight. Thus the volume of food necessary to feed a kitten 2 months, up to six times a day.

Not bad at times, no more than twice a week, give the kitten a boiled chicken egg yolk, mixed with low-fat cottage cheese.

 Meals ready forages

The main advantage of this type of food is the convenience, as it does not need to engage in cooking. Also a plus quality forage is carefully designed structure, which needs a two-month baby for full development.

Prepared feeds industrial production are divided into two categories: dry and wet. Little kitten is best suited wet food, as they are better absorbed by the young organism. Feed should be stored in the refrigerator and reheat before serving.

What to feed a kitten 2 months

Dry pet food are digested worse, but have one advantage - they are best stored.

When selecting the feed is better not to save money on pet health and buy a product labeled superprepium for kittens. Veterinarians are advised not to change the brand of feed, because the animal is to replace these foods can react allergic reaction.

Also, do not mix the two types of nursing, it can cause a disorder of the digestive system or even disrupt the metabolism.

 helpful hints

All products, except yogurt (it should be kept in the refrigerator for at least three days) should be fresh.

Food temperature should be approximately equal to the room temperature, so the food is better absorbed.

Grind food, so the kitten it easier to swallow and digest.

Constantly watch presence of water in a special bowl. Change it at least twice a day.

When buying a ready-made fodder carefully check the expiration date and the date of manufacture. Eating overdue product can lead to serious poisoning.

Always carefully follow the animal's reaction to this or that product, if the state of health has deteriorated, it is necessary to exclude it from the diet and consult your veterinarian for advice. We hope these simple tips will help you to understand how and what to feed a kitten 2 months.

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