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How to choose a collar for cats?

At present, more and more cat lovers acquire their pets special collars. The growing popularity of this accessory is caused by a wide range of its application. This thing can serve not only as decoration, to give your pet a unique look (this is very useful for animals are often involved in the show), but also will protect pet from parasites, encroaching on it.

When disaster struck, and your pet somehow lost, the information, as a precaution, said the collar is sure to help you to return the animal.

There are also collars, equipped with controlled movements of your pet. If the cat decides too much away from your home, then it will begin to experience the effects of an electric current. It may seem cruel, but this prudent measure may save the life of your pet.

Collars for cats

 Variety of collars for cats

These accessories vary depending on their functions and are of the following types:

  1. Antiparasitic collars. This accessory will protect your cat from various parasites. Outwardly, it looks like a strip of rubber or silicone, treated with a special drug. Please note that before to put the collar on your pet, it is necessary to stretch a bit, to the active ingredient earned. An indication of readiness to use a thin layer of powder-like substance that appears on the surface of the collar. Usually these accessories are resistant to moisture, equipped with zipper and adjustable in length. Currently on the market there are a lot of collars. There are models of imported and domestically produced, expensive, and cheaper, for kittens, and even for pregnant cats.
  2. Collars - decoration. These products come in handy in case your pet's trip to the exhibition, or if you want to decorate your cat before the upcoming photoshoot or visiting guests. These accessories can be made independently, Craftsmen order or purchase at the pet store. The choice is yours.
  3. Samorasstogivayuschiysya collar for walks. This model is designed so that in case of an emergency situation for a walk on their own to unbutton the collar, freeing the animal. For example, your pet will try to squeeze into the narrow passage, and the collar rests on the small projection and block further movement of the cat, which can lead to suffocation of the animal.
  4. Collar with adresnikom. In case of loss of your pet that found him people will be able to call you at a specified phone or on the collar to bring the pet to the specified address. These collars have proven effective. A lot of cats because of them have returned to their homes.
  5. Collar with a GPS system. This modern device uses a satellite system to locate your pet. Also you may use the software installed on a personal computer to trace the trajectory of pet and find out what places he visited during the walk. Abroad, these collars are very common. In our country it is still exotic. The cost of such a device starts at ten thousand.
  6. Calming Collars. These models stand out with special pheromone, which affects the pet, making it less aggressive.
  7. Collars with bells. These accessories allow you to hear the pet during a walk, as well as warn of small birds, chickens and rodents of predators. Some of these collars are equipped with reflective strips that will make your pet more visible in the dark.
  8. Magnetic collars. These models are designed to protect your home from intrusion of foreign cats. Such collars interact with a special door animal through the magnet and allow the animal to get into the housing. Also, there are varieties of medical accessories, which magnet is mounted in a certain way and affects the cat, helping her to cope with the diseases of bones, joints, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, skin and the coat.

Collars for cats

 How to choose collars for cats

The main criterion for choosing this accessory - safety. Please note that the collar must be equipped with special elastic inserts or clasp, which will allow the cat to get out of it upon the occurrence of an emergency situation. Not buy a cat collar for dogs, because such products are not equipped with safety measures.

Accessory to sit on the animal's neck tightly enough, but was transferred by blood vessels. Define this position can be, if the collar is placed under one or two fingers.

If you are a pet owner with long hair, then go to the selection of fasteners very carefully, as if the hair fall into it, then your pet will experience pain.

Today, the market is filled with a huge number of these accessories and you will easily be able to pick up a suitable collar only your animal.

 How to put a collar on a cat

It is best to accustom the animal to the new thing gradually. For the first time, wear the collar for a few minutes, gradually increasing the time of wearing. You can feed your cat's favorite treat or toy to give new to wearing a collar associated her with positive emotions.

 A collar or harness

Veterinarians definitely do not recommend to use the collar to attach a leash to it for a walk. Since the cat neck is fairly fragile, and the wearing of this accessory with a leash creates a heavy load on the cervical spine. So to harness it looks much more preferable as a means of pleasure. It distributes the load evenly across the front of the body without harming the animal.

Also, do not wear a collar on young kittens under six months, as they are inert system has not been formed.

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