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What breeds of cats the most affectionate

To answer the question about what cats most affectionate breed is not so simple. The fact that the relationship between the cat and the owner are very different in each case. For someone siamese embodiment of kindness and affection, and for someone real and cruel boy pakostnitsa. In fact, the general nature of any breed of cats is the nature of each particular cat. And since each animal - personality, the characters and can also vary as a sweet from salty.

Why is this happening

As the practice shows the most affectionate cats - those in whose veins flows the blood of the ancestors with the most balanced and full mentality, brought up in favorable conditions, understanding and attentive hosts.

However, for some reason it turns out that some breeds are generally more tender than others. Here everything depends on the work of plant breeders. Some experts set a goal to consolidate the breed beautiful eye color, and some carefully selected manufacturers with the best character. It is clear that not all breeders are aiming to bring the gentle purring.
For example, such a lovely, soft, plush toys like the British did not differ attachment to their owners. But such they were and identifying with harsh indigenous Britons.
Despite this, almost all people want to affectionate cat that is sleeping peacefully on her lap while you read a book, or rubs against your cheek in the morning. There will have to try very carefully when choosing a pet. Sometimes it is necessary to reject the external signs and to concentrate on the character of carefully selected breeder.

most affectionate breeds of cats

Siamese cat

When it comes to talking about these qualities of cats as attachment and dependence on the owner, then the mind Siamese cats come at once. These creatures will do with you all: wash floors, cook dinner, do laundry. However, it is very common judgment that that the representatives of this breed is very aggressive and capricious. The fact that these cats have a very delicate and fragile psyche, their character is very easy to spoil. Random fear, stress or insult to penetrate deeply into the heart of this animal, which later will affect and character. Such an animal is best suitable to people by nature calm, understanding and loving close, sometimes obsessive communication. You should not start a Siamese cat in a family with a fussy rhythm of life, loving husband and wife quarrel, and if a family has young children. Similar character traits have close relatives Siamese - Javanese Cat, Balinese, Orientals.


This breed of cat is no different persistence and strong attachment. They caress manifested differently. These shorthair create a beautiful amber eyes are able to stay away and do not pay attention to what is happening, if they are not particularly concerned. Representatives of this breed is not averse to play, they quietly sociable, do not like to arrange the noise and bustle, not prone to damage things. Another positive feature of their nature is the lack of aggressiveness, they are not able to ruffle even small children.

most affectionate breeds of cats


Representatives of this breed show their affection through playfulness and desire to explore the world around us. These cats can be worn for hours on an apartment, playing with children, meet new friendly people. These pets are best suited for people with an active lifestyle. If you need a cool cat as another sofa cushions, this is clearly not Abyssinian. This requires the creation of mobile games, and better if you do it to provide otherwise Abyssinian she finds something to do, to arrange a local pogrom.


These cats can rightly be called one of the most affectionate. Maybe it's in the features of their structure and next to a man they trite warmer? It is not known, but few any other pet will sleep with the owner under a blanket. They caress very intrusive at times, it seems that the house is simply impossible to do anything without the participation of the sphinxes. These characteristics, in particular, relate to the Canadian species. St. Petersburg and Don Sphynx is not so affectionate.

Kornishn and Devon Rex

These cats are very affectionate, active, playful, funny. Even the highest mezzanine in your home will not escape the attention of Rex. These cats are suitable for children, old people, young people. They can be arranged beneath the whole family, but also to themselves require greater attention.

In fact, a lot of affectionate cat. Just when choosing a pet, pay attention to the character of the parents, their psyche. Heredity plays a key role.

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