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Sphynx is one of the most unique in the world of cats. Unusual appearance of these cats delight even the most fastidious cat owner. Thanks to the incredible charm and tenderness they make love yourself even the most ardent opponents of cats.

Hairlessness of these cats is the result of unexpected mutations since ancient times. For the first time, these cats are mentioned in the Aztec era, as they appeared in exhibitions in 1924 in Mexico.

Seriously began to breed them since 1966, when Canada a normal cat is one of the kittens born completely naked. Subsequently, he became the founder of the breed.

However, breeding sphynx was not always successful. The breed was small, sphynx kittens were more demanding of care and often died, in addition to this breeding strategy initially was not very successful.

In 1975, Minnesota was seen another case of the birth of a hairless kitten, whereby Sphynx gained its popularity. At the end of the seventies near the place of occurrence of this species was found even triple hairless kittens. In order to maintain their breed and crossbred with sphinxes, and Devon Rex, which, by their appearance were the most similar to the first sphinxes. New mutations of hairless cats are sometimes found in America to this day, where they are highly valued and are trying to increase the capacity of reproduction.


Body - medium size, roundish, strong, skeleton is quite elegant. Broad and massive chest, muscles well developed. The body is covered with wrinkles because of the thick skin.

Limbs - strong, muscular legs proportional to the body. The front legs set wide, the rear a little bit longer than the front. Very long and slender fingers, thick pads on the paws.

Head - a medium-sized, rounded resembles a modified wedge. At length a little longer than it is wide. Muzzle is round, wrinkled, strong cheekbones. Profile with a clear passage.

Ears - large, set well apart, broad at the base. Completely devoid of hair.

Eyes - large lemon-shaped, set at a slight angle, the distance between which is slightly larger than the eye. The color should be in harmony with the skin tone.

Neck - slightly elongated, with a slight curve. Muscular, medium length.

The tail - a very flexible and agile, sharpened to a point. is proportional to the length of the body. Sometimes the tip has a tuft of wool, reminiscent of a lion.

Wool - visually barely noticeable, but it can often be replaced by a soft fuzz invisible 2 mm, as a baby. At the touch of the skin resembles velvet or suede. Some cats feel more stiff hair, the so-called brush. It is such a variation in the type of wool sphinx, when the body is covered with stiff, crimped fur. Brush, in turn, is divided into soft and hard. Throughout his life, these cats can dress and undress depending on various factors such as weather conditions, vaccination, change of food, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, castration, and others. Canadians usually do not occur completely bald, or the so-called "rubber". On the muzzle, paws and tail is usually a small amount of fur.

Colors - sphinxes often distinguished by their strong pigmentation of the skin. The most common coat color are bi- and tricolor, that is, various combinations of the main color with white. Less common are monophonic and tortoiseshell.


Sphynx - animals with a high level of intelligence. This is an incredibly cheerful and playful cat breed. They are extremely friendly and always willing to communicate with people. This cat is more like a little monkey on, baby and a dog than a cat. They prefer to curl up on your lap, rather than sit.


Because of its curious and daring, sphinxes with interest will get acquainted with your guests. Communication with all the members of the family gives them unlimited fun. With its extremely delicate nature, they will make every effort to make friends with other pets. But, if you do not pay enough attention to his sphinx, play with him, he will be tormented by loneliness and longing.

Sphynx character quite resembles cat. They are kind and friendly, not aggressive, usually tied to a person committed to prefer one master. Legkoobuchaemy, clever, are not afraid of dogs and other animals, like cat's instinct they have not been preserved at all.

They are, for example, can refer themselves to learn various subjects from one place to another, open the door, to find a place of storage of food. Man seen as his own kind, apart from us with their brethren. These cats have incredible agility and wit.

In addition to all the above, the Sphinx is very convenient to keep in the house, as they do not leave hair behind and do not cause allergies. And as they are the dream of any photographer - they are excellent pose, looking at the camera and extremely photogenic, to work with them for hours.

Consequently, the exotic appearance, which does not leave anyone indifferent, and a truly remarkable character, as well as good health and easy maintenance make the Sphynx ideal for keeping animals in the house.

Care and maintenance

Sphinxes are fairly simple to maintain and clean. There are some features that should be considered.

Sphynx kittens

The peculiarity of their bodies is that their skin is contaminated and they sweat, releasing a brownish patina like wax. Excessive release of this material suggests that the cat the wrong food (for example, a very fatty foods) or whether it feels bad. In such situations, you should find out the cause and try to get rid of it. If these secretions are moderate, enough to wipe the cat is very dirty, wet wipes.

You can wash the cat, using shampoos with low acidity, such as children's facilities for washing. After bathing, it is desirable to wipe dry your pet and make sure that it is not frozen.

Ear cleaning. The substance is a black and brown quickly accumulates in the ears of these cats, but does not prevent their existence, so their ears cleaned from time to time, the extent of pollution, with a cotton swab.

Sphinxes useful periodic sunbathing. When they light their colors are splendid - bright and contrasting, but it is worth remembering that the Sphinx may burn in the sun. Therefore it is better gradually accustom your pet to the sun and extreme heat is not to walk them in the sun. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to temper the cat, so she has not grown under glass, like a flower. Please observe proper diet, to walk the cat outdoors, giving her a little exercise.

No need to wrap up in warm clothes sphinx, we just have to try to protect it from drafts and hypothermia. Sphinxes do not need a special warmth during their waking hours, but sleeping is preferable to them under a blanket in the host.

Description cats sphynx

Certainly, sphinxes have the gift of healing. They feel all the pressure points of your body and immediately stacked on a painful place, warming him with its warmth.

what to feed

The food they are not picky and are distinguished by an excellent appetite. This is due to an increased metabolism due to high body temperature and lack of hair. Although they are omnivorous, it's worth to eat a balanced diet.

There is no need to feed the sphinxes only natural food or canned food, it is better to properly combine both.

Of course, everyone decides that it is more convenient. If we stick to purely natural food, it's hard to keep a balance of all necessary for cat nutrients and vitamins in the food. In addition, the preparation of such food will require the owner of a large amount of free time that with our pace of life is not always possible. Power dry food is very convenient, but you should pay attention to the fact that food is suitable for your cat and did not cause her allergies and problems with a chair. When feeding dry food is particularly important to pay attention to the free access to water.

Active lifestyle greatly affects the appetite. It so happens that some cats are genetically prone to obesity, outwardly it appears as a fat bag hanging on his belly, hips, withers.

cost of

Any potential owner of thoroughbred cats, when searching for pet faces a significant variation in prices for kittens. Sphynx is an incredibly popular breed of domestic cats. They can be purchased in nearly every region of Russia, due to which they are relatively expensive. Sphynx without pedigree can be purchased from 3 to 5 thousand rubles. kittens cost increases due to famous parents of the animal, as well as compliance with the standard.

Cats sphynx photo

Fans of bald sphinx cats from the nursery will cost six or more thousand. The higher the pet class, the higher its value. If you want to buy a sphinx for exhibitions, you will have to pay not less than 25 thousand. Rub., And sometimes this figure reaches 30-40 thousand.

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