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cat Ceausu

Ceausu - one of the rarest breeds of cats in the world. In Russia, this breed is not engaged in breeding, but in America these cats can be counted on the fingers. Breeders watch closely to ensure that the breeding of this breed were taken only by professionals, explaining that the crossing cats Ceausu is permitted only with short-haired Abyssinian.

The history of occurrence

Approximately 60-ies of the last century, this breed of cats is found only in the wild in Egypt, without causing interest among the locals. However, the Europeans have noticed that cats have not only wild, but the home temper and decided to take them to America. They soon found out that the closest ancestor Ceausu was a jungle cat. Cat borrowed from her muscular body, strong legs and large size, larger than a normal cat twice.

Breeding of this breed is very difficult. Not all males have the ability to reproduce, because Ceausu and are in the list of the most endangered cats.


Body - strong, not thick, muscular, without showing roundness. The paws are thick, well-developed limbs.

Head - medium size, angular chin, strongly marked cheekbones.

Ears - large, set high on the crown. Brushes may be present on the ears.

Eyes - Almond-shaped, greenish or golden color.

Tail - the length reaches three quarters of the length of the body.

Wool - lying densely thick, short length.

Color - are allowed three kinds of color: silver, black and tabby.

Weight - from 4 to 10 kg.

Ceausu cat breed


Despite the fact that this breed has occurred in the natural environment, the nature of cats Ceausu very peaceful. These cats are gentle and tender, love to chat. They love an active lifestyle, great friends with other pets in the house, like children. With such exotic appearance, Ceausu are always in the spotlight.

Cats of this breed love to play, so you need to make sure that they always had toys. Otherwise, they can take advantage of the first available object, possibly unsuitable.

Should be given appropriate attention and then the problems in education will not be. They can easily become accustomed to the tray, share the concept of "can not" and "can".

Ceausu cat breed


Care rock Ceausu not difficult. The food is desirable to exclude grains, make sure that the cat does not overeat. About once a week they must scratch their special massage brush, improves blood flow and the quality of wool. Since this breed of cat is very active, it is not necessary to keep them in a small room. It is necessary to walk these cats, because by their nature they are very attached to nature.

cat breeds health Ceausu strong, but often there may be digestive problems. Cereals are digested they are particularly bad. Often this breed suffers from overeating. To prevent this fact, simply reduce the amount of food.

cost of

Breed Ceausu lives a long time - from 15 to 20 years. The price for this cat is from 100 to 400 thousand rubles.

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