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Toyger cat

Relatively recently among fans of cats was a rumor that there was a totally new breed that looks similar to a small tiger. Beautiful profile, powerful body, stripes like a tiger, thick hair, deep eyes and very nature of home - it's all Toyger.

Toyger breed appeared in California. First learned about it from the mouth of Dzhudi Sagden, who said that this breed has become not just a miniature copy of their wild relatives - tigers, but also to keep their image in the memory of future generations, if the Tigers will become extinct. Dzhen Mill, mother Judy, incredibly strong love cats and genetics. It was she who created the breed Bengal cats.

The daughter, who was watching her work, she decided to repeat it the result and create a new breed of cats. By crossing the two most ordinary cats, Judy has ensured that the light appeared kitten with tiger stripes on the body and peculiar tigers, the patterns on the face. Since 1993, Judy led the laborious work on a new breed of cat excretion, as similar as possible with the Tigers. In 2000 zaragistrirovana new breed cats with the interesting name "Toyger". In translation this name sounds like "irushechny tiger."

This is a rare and little-known species. A large number of kennels of this breed is situated in America, in the states of California, Ohio, Texas and Alaska. There is a nursery and in Moscow.

Description of species

Head - wide, has an average size, with rounded contours. This species has a wide chin and nose broad and powerful. Correct bite.

Ears - small, without brushes, covered with dense hair. Positioned high.

The eyes have a rich and deep color, a small or medium-sized, round-shaped, deep set.

The neck is strong, long enough.

Body - rounded, strong, of medium length, with a broad chest.

Front and hind legs in the cat and the average of the same length. Toyger have long fingers.

Tail - low and long, is rounded to an end.

Wool of a cat Toyger short and glossy, silky, but at the same time elastic.

There is a dense undercoat, usually it has a gray tint.

Toyger cat breed

kinds of colors

Cats are given breed coat color like tiger: black, brown and bronze strips. The coat should be clearly expressed contrasting stripes of black and red colors, and stomach and legs have to be lighter than the rest of the cat's body background. The color of the paws and tail tip must be black shade.


Toyger cat breeds are quite large, have a well-developed musculature. This breed is not exactly call refined. Cat given breed average weighs 10 kg, the cat reaches weight 7 kg.


External similarity Toyger tigers can to push the idea of ??the predatory nature of the specimens of this breed. However, this is not the case.

Toyger like plush cubs, tigers have only a formidable appearance. These cats have a beautiful friendly and sweet temper.

Cats of this breed are very fond of children and enjoy playing with them. These cats are very active and love to run. They can live together in a private house, and in the apartment - they do not require special conditions of detention. Toyger get along well with other pets due to its peaceful character. Toyger cat breed often and murchat - this is their favorite activity.

Toyger cat breed


Cats of this breed have a good health and almost sick. Hereditary diseases in cats breed Toyger not revealed. If you follow the right diet and classical care, the problems with the development and upbringing of cats breed Toyger will not. Naturally, like any other cat, your pet is safe from an upset stomach or a cold, but some more serious disease is unlikely.


This cat breed is perfect for people who do not have time for a daily and systematic care for the pet. Toyger require simple classic care. All you need - is to choose the most appropriate name for your pet food and occasionally combing their hair with a special brush.

Cats have short hair, so the problems of caring for it you will not have. Optionally, you can also trim the claws of cats and occasionally bathe. The main thing in retirement - is to love your pet. This would be enough to ensure that your pet has lived with you a long and happy life.

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