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Maine Coon

Cats prinadlezhaschiek Maine coon always admired and respected. And no wonder, because it is the largest of the existing world of domesticated breeds. It combines extraordinary generosity, grace, pleasant character and physical strength. Cats Maine Coon is not just purr. They seem to sing songs and prairie folk motifs evergreen forests.


Breed Maine Coon is descended from North America. In another way, this breed styled Maine raccoon cat. It is believed that for the first time this breed magnificent cats appeared over 150 years ago.

According to legend, the appearance of amazing breed Maine Coon, we should be grateful to the unusual love between a cat and enotihoy. It is believed that these cats from raccoons inherited the character and habits, as well as the fluffy striped tail.

More plausible legend tells that the Maine Coon appeared by crossing domestic cats with tabby lynx in North America. In defense of this version say charming tassels on the ears of cats Maine Coon. This distinctive piece has become the hallmark of many of your favorite breed. To the disappointment of romantics, scientific evidence does not support any of the legends. Proof of non-viability of these versions is the impossibility of crossing of these species and species differences are too serious.

The scientific approach to the study of the Maine Coon has shown that these cats - not the result of cross-breeding, and natural population for the area. The breed is the result of evolution, which forced to adapt to the peculiarities of the harsh climate of North America. Large and strong Maine Coon cats can hunt successfully and easily survive in cold and snowy winters.

Cats Maine Coon especially loved in Russia. This breed is wonderfully suited to the Russian mentality. After all, these furry giants have the same breadth of soul, emotional, and good-natured character. Although there were Maine Coons in Russia recently - in 1992.


Appearance Maine Coon is fully consistent with their intellect. These cats - true contemplatives, and they are not alien to second thoughts. They are distinguished by a high capacity for logic, consistency and enviable ingenuity. These cats are capable of custom meaningful actions.

Cats Maine coon can not be removed from the kittens, even at the moment of their birth. Males of this wonderful breed big cats most actively involved in the education of their offspring, as responsible fathers.

The representatives of the breed Maine Coon have an enviable memory. They clearly remember individual words and entire teams. Maine Coons perceive intonation with which a person communicates and accurately react to them. Because of this with the Maine Coons can develop a real friendly contact.


Maine Coons are very peaceful. These cats are able to distinguish your things from other people's, and they tend not to spoil the owner property. They prefer open areas and large rooms. They tend not to climb into cabinets, boxes and mezzanine, as it is like to do normal cats.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are themselves trying to establish contact with his master and adapt to his habits and character. You have the impression that the cat shares your interests, because Maine Coon will try to repeat your action. If you spend most of the time behind the monitor. then it will be curious to follow the cursor. If you are doing on the treadmill in the morning, your Maine Coon will be jointly and severally to do with you, "morning exercises".

social behavior

Cats Maine Coon can be pretty much attached to his master, but they tend to avoid contact with strangers, such as his guests. They prefer to stay away from strangers or even ignore them. If you do not try to stick to the Maine Coon, then after a while he gets used to the new person and begins to interact with it.

Proud Maine Coons do not like when they are trying to squeeze, sit on his lap. They prefer to stay close with your favorite host. But this cat Maine Coon get along well with children and other animals. After all, they are not aggressive and are very kind.


According to the learning ability of Maine Coons can be compared with the best service dogs. Representatives of this wonderful breed perfectly trained and are distinguished by devotion to his master. But to their potential fully revealed, with the Maine Coon, and it is often necessary to fully communicate.

Cat breed Maine Coon


Cats Maine coon prefer to lead an active, mobile lifestyle. They are very curious and playful kittens on age and to old age. But to these large animals can frolic in plenty, they need plenty of space.

Maine coon requires physical activity is not less than proper nutrition. Their muscular system requires constant movement. During the game, these predators emit hunting process. In order to please his beloved Maine Coon, you will need to prepare a suitable victim to the cat was able to sneak up on it, hunt down, wait for him. The ideal embodiment will toy radio wrapped with something soft enough to protect the teeth from damages cat.

Maine Coons are inherently large forest hunters. Therefore, they need frequent walks in the fresh air. But, walking with you, they would behave more like dogs. These cats can easily tolerate the collar and do not try to run or climb a tree.


Cats Maine coon have thick luxurious fur that requires special care. These big cats need weekly combing. It is best suited for this large robust steel comb with rounded teeth. Fur on the belly and under the legs is often rolled into mats, especially if you get confused piece of something in it. Mats, not to comb, you can safely cut the nail scissors.

Maine Coon size and weight

Just the Maine Coon needs regular bathing. Surprisingly, these big cats do not avoid the water and it is readily amenable to bath procedures. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the inside of the ears of these cats. It should be a light pink. Cat ears should be regularly cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

The Maine Coon is very quickly grow claws, and at home sometimes one scratching posts is not enough time to demolish them. Therefore, the claws have to trim every two weeks.

Life Maine Coon in the apartment

Cats noble breed Maine Coon - really quite large animals. Weight adult cat may reach 12 kg. But let the size and weight you are not confused. These cats are perfectly adaptable to any environment and are able to find a place even in a relatively small apartments. The ideal solution would be a house cat on an elevated platform.

Having their own space at a certain height, your Maine Coon will feel comfortable.

If your apartment is located on the upper floors, you should be extremely careful with the windows open. More than 80% of deaths of domestic cats is precisely because of a fall from a great height.

What to feed a Maine Coon

The basis of the diet of the Maine Coon should serve offal and meat. Before giving them the cat, these products must be cooked or subjected to a very deep-frozen. Otherwise, meat and meat products may comprise helminths. Maine Coon would be happy to eat poultry.

Food for these large predators do not need to grind. They need to tear and chew their food. The variety in the Maine Coon diet can make with the help of cooked fish, seafood, cheese and eggs. It is strictly forbidden to feed the Maine Coon pork, lamb, raw fish, milk. Do not give the animal long bones, as their fragments may injure the cat inside.

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