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Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade cat has extraordinarily beautiful color inherent in the Siamese breed, but her hair is as long and fluffy, like the Siberian cats. Neva Masquerade feature bright blue eyes. This magnificent breed of cats brought to Russia. She is still the pride of domestic breeders. Now Neva Masquerade cats grow not only in Russia but also abroad.

Description of species

It owes its name to the breed charming "mask" on the face. Weight of adult representatives Neva masquerade cat can reach 8 - 9 kg.

Neva Masquerade cat may have different colors. The most common color-point forces. That is, the cat's body is light in color, and paws, muzzle, tail and ears - Dark Brown. Sometimes the color of some of the breed has a blackout. It is they who are most in demand. Another interesting option color Neva masquerade cat - when it has white paws. This kind of power-point with white.

These cats are different mesmerizing eye color. It can range from light blue to bright sapphire blue. Neva Masquerade cats are known for their gentle eyes and a charming little face. For this people and fall in love with this breed.


Of particular note is luxurious fur Neva Masquerade cats. It is very important that, despite its length, it does not cause allergic reactions. This cat - the perfect option for those who have allergies have a home. In addition, wool Neva masquerade cat has water-repellent effect and does not require special care. Despite its "fluffiness" hair of these cats do not form tangles. The coat of this breed forms a striking collar and panties on his hind legs. As a Siberian cat Neva Masquerade is very pleasant to the touch. The best cure for stress - just pat it a pet!

The nature of the breed

Neva Masquerade cat combines the gentleness of a kitten and dog devotion. It will be the perfect friend and loyal companion to his master. Cats of this breed are tied to its owner as much as the dog. They are important, not the house in which they live and the people who love them and stroking. For them the main thing - to feel the friendship, love and care from their owners. Despite this, Neva Masquerade cats are not intrusive.

They tend not to meow all the time and climb to the man. They will humbly wait for symptoms of attention on his part. Cats of this breed are well feel the mood of the person and always ready to come and comfort him.

Despite its attachment to people, Neva Masquerade cats are not afraid of being alone. They can be safely leave for the day. They are quite a few minutes of attention and playing with the owner in the evenings.

It is worth noting that the Neva Masquerade cat really remember his name. And respond to it. These cats do not understand just intonation with which a man says, but the words themselves. They get along well with children and love to play with them. These cats never scratch the child, but rather will be hidden from him at a safe distance.

Neva Masquerade cats get along not only with people but also to animals. They looked friendly with other cats, dogs and even rats. This breed cat cat helps in growing their offspring. Kittens of this breed is incredibly adorable and playful.

Neva Masquerade cats have a special character. Sometimes the owners have to be patient and put up with the fact that his favorite is something not to like, and that, on the contrary, very much like. But these cats are trying not to disturb the wound in-house orders and do not like to annoy his master. These cats are quickly trained and understand what to do can not be.


Neva Masquerade cat does not require special care. The only thing you should pay attention - it is in the spring molt, shedding part of its "fluffy", getting rid of the summer from his posh undercoat. During this period, it is desirable to comb out your favorite. In the autumn of undercoat reappears.

The price of these cats in Russia is relatively low, as the breed is widespread. Slightly more expensive will cost kittens Neva Masquerade cats with medals and pedigree.

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