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Ojos Azules

Blue eyes - it is mainly the prerogative of Siamese cats , in which they are considered one of the breed standard. But in the US, breeders discovered cats with the same eye color, but it did not take place in the relationship with Siam. It was found that the mutation caused by resistant gene for So, in charge of the "blue" in his eyes. The breed was given the name "Ojos Azules", which translated from Spanish means exactly "blue eyes." The first officially registered representative of this breed was the cat Conflans tortoiseshell from New Mexico. Actually, no other distinguishing features of the breed have not. In fact, it's just a blue-eyed cat, are not with the Siamese.

The breed standard was adopted in 1991, but in 2004 it became possible to put representatives in PNB class. A little later, the cats with semi-long hair isolated in a separate standard "Ojos Azules Longhair." Breed pervasive in the United States, a large spread in other countries, it has never received.

Appearance goluboglazok

Ojos Azules body of medium size, flexible, well muscled and sufficiently broad chest. Croup higher than the withers.

Ojos Azules cat

Paws - of medium length, slightly longer than the front rear.

Tail - proportional body, with a slightly rounded tip.

Wool - different lengths, with weakly developed undercoat, shiny, soft to the touch.

The head is triangular in shape, pronounced cheekbones and chin.

Ears - set high, medium sized.

Eyes - the card of the breed. Very expressive, large. Widely spaced, almond-shaped, slightly slanted. Golubooko saturated or bright blue. According to the standard may be different eye color. In this case, one must be blue or blue, and the second color can vary from yellow to green.

Colors in Ojos Azules can be any undesirable only white, mestizo, Himalayan. In addition, not very good for the breed the presence of multiple white spots.

In this case, the required white tail tip. The standard also eliminates blind spots localized in the chest and abdomen.

The nature and features of care

Cats of this breed have a calm nature. They are attached to a place, as the representatives of many other species, and to the owner. Therefore, the expression "cat walk by themselves" - clearly not about Ojos. They are friendly, sociable, playful in the measure - the cat will frolic when she wants it. Curious, love to watch the master and "participate" in domestic affairs. Thus Ojos very delicate: if the cat feels that you are not up to it, it will never bother you. Do not "beg for" petting host.

Highly intelligent, easily trained, the landlady immediately understand the "rules of the game" - not sharpen claws on the furniture, walk in the tray, do not climb on the table.

Ojos Azules cat breed photo

Very patient creatures can easily adapt to a new place. In this case, perfect for the contents of the apartment, since they prefer the closed premises.

Ojos - devoted friends, great listeners and affectionate pets. But representatives of this breed should not start to those families in which at first there is little or hyperactive children - the cat will suffer from their obsessions. And secondly, those who a lot of time lost at work. because, as we have said, this breed of cat is very attached to the people, in their absence, the animals may even become depressed.

The representatives of the breed is very hardy and have good health, susceptibility to genetic disease is not found. This is one of the most hardy species, so any special skills to care is not required. power balancing, combing hair one to two times per week (a little more often during molting), periodic wiping the ears and eyes with a cotton swab dipped in warm boiled water - and your pet will feel great. Oh yes - do not neglect vaccinations and treatment for fleas and other parasites. In the autumn it is desirable to adopt a cat complex vitamins to boost the immune system before the winter months.

Interesting Facts

  • Cats breed Ojos Azules can not cross each other, otherwise you run the risk of non-viable offspring with severe deformities of the skull or other diseases. Often from such a "marriage" and all are born dead kittens. Best Ojos knit with the other species, then some of the offspring (generally half) will have blue eyes. Another part of the kittens Discard color wool.
  • Price according to some estimates range from 20 to 50 thousand rubles. Cats cats are usually more expensive. a large range of prices, because, as we have said, the breed is not widespread outside the United States and pricing formed on the principle of "who in that much."

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