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Peterbald - besshortnyh breed of domestic cats are also known as the "St. Petersburg Sphinx". We got this rock in St. Petersburg as a result of crossing the Don Sfinska and oriental cats. This species is known since 1994. The first four kittens that received when crossing became the founders of the species. After the recognition of the breed filinologicheskimi organizations, these cats received the abbreviation PBD. To date, this type of cat develops, it becomes closer to the Siamese, it is with them a similar appearance, so Petersburg Sphinx can be crossed with Siamese brothers.

Peterbald - very nice view of cats. They are very slender, medium-sized body with a nice friendly character. The price for these kittens is high and, basically, contract with the owner.


Peterbold graceful body has a medium size, slim and muscular. The neck is long, elegant legs with long "fingers". The tail is long and strong. The head is elongated with flat cheekbones and forehead, long muzzle with almond-shaped eyes. Chin located in one vertical position with the nose. The ears are large, pointed upwards, broad at the base. The eyes are bright, have colorpoints - blue. The skin of these cats is completely naked or covered with a light gun, a very gentle and pleasant to the touch. There laying on the head and on the body. Young males may have residual hair on the legs, but in two years it should disappear.


Do not forget that the skin has properties besshorstnyh cats sunbathing and change color. Since there is no wool, color Peterbald is determined at birth, a kitten when he still has hair.

According to the type of the skin of these animals are divided into types:

Naked - in these kittens no wool, leather covered with secretions that create a feeling that your cat rubber.

Flock - kitten has hair no more than 2 mm, feels like velvet, has no eyebrows and mustache.

Brush Point - kitten has hair a little longer 2 mm, they are thick on the head and legs. An adult cat on the head, legs and tail can remain wool, but the body is completely naked or undercoat.

Peterbald cat breed

Velor - this species has fur all over the body, adult cats can become besshorstnymi, leaving the short hair on legs.

Labrador variett - this type of baldness is absent, a kitten, like all cats normal hair with straight mustache, for growing hair growth does not change. but the animal retains all the features of the Sphinx.

Peterbald brush - kitten's body is covered with hair of any type (short, long, straight, wavy). With age, the animal can grow bald in some places, for example, on the back or neck.


So cats as Peterbald, however, like any Sphinx need to communicate. They are very friendly, attached to the owner, they are very easy to train. Do not forget to take into account the mood of your pet, for example, if it is to have something to hurt or just in a bad mood, better leave him alone, let him calm down. Of course, such situations are rare, but no one is immune from a bad mood.

In general, the nature of these animals is very nice, they are easy to get along with all family members and even other animals. These cats are a faithful friend to you and your family.


For Peterbald require special care, the main reason for the sensitivity is the lack of hair, which is why your cat may be subject to frosting or, conversely, can get burned because of the fact that for a long time in the sun or in the home, for example, about the battery or heater. Do not forget that the cat has the ability to sweat, so they need a regular wash under warm water or daily wiping with a damp sponge.

Due to the fact that the Sphinx increased heat transfer, these cats should be fed a little more than the other members of the cat.

Feed your pet ready forages premium or natural food, but being careful balance of all the nutrients in the food. Do not forget to increase the caloric intake in the cold season, your cat avoid hypothermia.


Childbirth this breed cats are mostly without any complications. These cats are excellent mothers, cats as well - wonderful fathers for their offspring. They can help their mothers in the upbringing of the kittens are taking part in the games and in the care of "children".

Peterbald kittens


Purchase Peterbald kitten can be carried out in nurseries or on an ad from individuals. The price of these beautiful animals are dependent on family tree from the nursery or the popularity of which you want to purchase the animal. Basically, the price of the cat from 4000 rubles, a kitten Physical appearance depends on his parents. For example, if you cross oriental shorthair cat with a naked peterbald, the kittens will only brush and flock. If both parents are Peterbald, then their children will generally flock and bare.

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