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ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin cat first appeared in the 90s of the twentieth century in the United States. The breed originated in consequence of selection when trying to bring a new type of Ragdoll breed. breed name translated to English means "beggar". This name these cats received because during the selection of mere street cats used in the creation of this breed. ragamuffin cat for the first time took part in the exhibition in 1994. However, official recognition of ragamuffin cat received only in 2003. Their relatives Ragdoll ragamuffin cat differ only in color. Character and demeanor they are identical.


Ragamuffin cat cat breed is very fluffy. They are characterized by a thick, soft and long coat. Head shape of these cats wedge and wide. Cats themselves are quite large. The body of cats ragamuffin cat has nice rounded shape. The neck is fairly short, pleasant issued rounded cheeks on the face. Widely spaced ears of medium size with a brush.

Immediately engage the large oval eyes green, blue, aquamarine. Some representatives of the breed's eyes may have a different color.

Ragamuffin cat cat breed

Hind legs slightly longer than the front. In general, ragamuffin cat's body strong, muscular. These cats allocates a long and very hairy tail. Around the neck of these cats have a beautiful collar, which gives them a resemblance to the lions.

ragamuffin cat character

Cats breed ragamuffin cat - the perfect pets. They are easy to find common language with all family members, including those with small children. Ragamuffin cat differ ingenuity. It is very calm and gentle animals. They love when they are stroked, take the hands, scratching behind the ear. These cats can be kept in almost any conditions. They are very easy to adapt to life circumstances. They are vital to the attention of a loved one owner.

More than anything, they love to sit at the master at arms. In addition, these cats are perfectly amenable to training.

They are good to establish relations with any other pets. The only thing that - ragamuffin cat can not tolerate aggression and do not know how to defend themselves. When attacking, they can only hide from aggressors. Therefore, do not start a ragamuffin cat, if you already have a pet that can be unfriendly to the little fluffy cat. There is another feature - ragamuffin cat does not hunt. These cats will not catch mice and birds.

ragamuffin cat kitten

Care ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin cat - it's very fluffy long-haired cats. Therefore, they need to be part of a carefully combing. These cats can form mats. If they are not to comb, they should be carefully cut.

Once the kittens be three months, they should be planting. After this age, ragamuffin cat kittens are socially active and they can be safely allow for communication and walks. In general, the health of these cats is quite strong.

Ragamuffin cat breed cat photo

Best food for ragamuffin cat food is a special premium. You must make sure that the cat always have access to fresh drinking water. If you prefer to feed your cat a natural diet, it is recommended to add to it a special complex of vitamins. As it is necessary to give a cat a special paste that prevents the formation of lumps of wool in her stomach. It is also necessary to monitor the state of the eye and ears cats - they need regular wiping specialized tools.

Price cats ragamuffin cat breed is quite high in Russia. However, these graceful hand cat still enjoy continued popularity due to its beauty and tenderness.

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