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The rarest breeds of cats in the world

Many breeders in different countries define the aim of their professional activities excretion unique cat breed, the offspring of unions getting wild and domestic cats. This activity is dictated by the fact that people in this world to want to have unique things, even if those things cost a lot of money.

Rare breeds of cats may include those that record included in the Red Book and the breeds that have emerged only recently. It is known that in the world there are malorasprostranonnye breed living in the wild, as well as living with a man. Currently, the Red Book contains records of many endangered species of the cat family, including the Amur leopard, the Amur tiger.

Unfortunately the situation is such that the number of representatives of rare species of wild cat has been steadily declining. So if you do not take drastic measures that wild animals over time can not remain entirely, but numerically small breed of domestic cats, due to the favorable habitat, spread and reach an acceptable number.


Rare breeds of cats

To one of the most rare cat breeds are munchkins. Due to the unique short legs these cats can not be confused with others. These animals were not born through the work of breeders, but because of a genetic mutation occurred. They are also called cat kangaroo or cat and fees. Munchkin wonderful sitting on its hind legs, keeping balance with the tail. Now the breed is becoming increasingly popular, these cats are happy to walk on a harness, like a dog, intelligent, sociable and have a cheerful character. It is remarkable to find a common language with children.


This rare breed appeared in 1994 as a result of cross-breeding cats Oriental Shorthair and Bengal breed. The goal of the breeders was to receive as a result of a breed of domestic cat with the appearance of the African serval, without using the process of selection of wild animal itself. As a result, derived breed Serengeti has a remarkable appearance, sociable and loyal character, very smart. The interesting thing is that these cats are the longest legs of all domestic cats.


Caracal cat breed is considered one of the rarest in the world. Very little time ago, these animals were on the verge of extinction. Ethnicity representatives of this breed resembles a wild lynx ears are black tassels. This cat lives in the deserts and steppes of Arabia, Africa and Central Asia. These cats are easily tamed, and be trained in the old days with trained Caracals used as a hunting animal.


Rare breeds of cats

This recently appeared cat breed, bred in India in the eighties of the twentieth century. In this case, the breed standard was approved only in 2003. Appearance of these cats is like a small tiger, however, the nature of it is adapted to move in with a person under the same roof. Toyger very active, cheerful, animal loving company and various games. Today there are not so many breeders dealing with these cats. The most active development of this breed has received in Australia, Canada, North America. Representatives of this breed are very expensive and are among one of the most expensive cat in the world.

cat Elf

This animal looks like a creature from a science fiction movie. The body of the cat in most cases, completely naked, in rare cases, covered with transparent fuzz. Hallmark breed is unusually curved ears, with the ears of curvature may vary from 90 to 180 degrees. Cat Elf is a very rare animal, now it hosts are only ten residents of the North American continent.

Rare breeds of cats

cat Usher

With these animals associated intricate detective story. At one time, the animals of this breed are sold for a lot of money, and by appointment only. The company engaged in the work of breeding cats Asher, stated that their animal is the largest domestic cat in the world with a leopard.

However, it later emerged that this cat is not a new breed, and all the excitement no more than a well-planned scheme.

It managed to deceive the public in connection with the fact that disguised as a new breed of Savannah breed cats are very rare and virtually unknown to the general public.

The rarest breed of cat in the world

There is no single views on how to consider the rarest cat in the world. Some researchers refer to such domestic Serval, Savannah cat breed and Ceausu. It is known that in Russia there are only ten cats Ceausu breed. The price for a kitten comes to seventeen thousand dollars.


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