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Selkirk Rex

The history of occurrence of breed

The history of the emergence of this remarkable breed is very unusual. Its beginning was from the moment when the United States ordinary stray cat was crossed with Persian. After obtaining a progeny plant breeders have discovered unusual kitten. He had curly fur were curled mustache and eyebrows even in a spiral. Specialists of all necessary manipulations resulted in the breed was fixed were conducted. In her becoming involved various breeds, including the British and the Persians. So Selkirk Rex took each of them special features. Officially, the breed was its name until 1992. This young, rapidly growing species, the demand for which every year is greatly increased.

external signs

Representatives of this breed have a proportional, well-muscled body of medium size. Limbs of medium length with neat oval paws small. The tail is covered with thick hair.

Circular head, which is proportional in relation to the body shape, with wide-set lugs having rounded at the tip. Eyes Selrkirk Rex is very expressive, their color is usually combined with the color of the coat.

The main feature of this breed - wool. Length wool may be short (plush) or long (in the form of a curl). Particularly strong curls on wool are expressed on the stomach, chest, neck.

These curls like a human fingerprint, every cat is unique. Their structure, the length may depend on many factors: the time of year, the animal's age, heredity. coat color in cats of this breed can life absolutely anything. The average weight of these cats ranging from three and a half to six kilograms.

The nature and the behavior of

The nature of these cats is very peaceful, docile, calm and perseverance. Selkirk Rex loves to show affection for his master. Jealousy toward other animals or children they tend not to. Do not show aggression, quite comfortable with the guests can even play with them. They love to sit at the master's lap for hours. Constantly urchat, virtually from any touch. These cats have an extraordinary mind, understand well the owner can skillfully imitate him. Open the door handle will not be a problem for the Selkirk Rex. The devotion of these creatures does not know borders, they will never leave you alone.

Selkirk Rex

These cats just need to focus owner, they have the same pleasure to enjoy the rest on the couch and active games. The choice of pastimes depends on the mood of the animal and the owner. In the process of breeding this breed breeders attended resistant psyche Selkirk Rex. These cats are moderately active, wonderful sense of the mood of the person and would not bother, but if there is free time, do not forget to remind the owner of their existence. They are well trained, learn a variety of skills, respond well to education.

However, representatives of this breed harmful acts alone. They are very bored in the absence of the owners. So if your life does not involve frequent rhythm of being at home, it is best to sign up for a different breed of cats, solitude transporting more relaxed.


If you have got a long-haired Selkirk Rex, the care of the pet hair comes to the fore. Their thick wavy shorstka requires periodic combing and washing. It is best to wash your cat using a specialized shampoo for animals, then your pet will simply irresistible. After the adoption of water treatment is recommended to massage hands hair, it will make it fluffy and elastic, as well as bring a lot of fun for your pet. However, do not overdo it with brushing, as these gorgeous curls that are the hallmark of the breed can straighten and the chasm.

Selkirk Rex

Rex Selkirg also requires carefully monitor the condition of the eyes, ears and teeth. It is best to teach a child the kitten to the cleaning procedures of these bodies, then he will get used to over time. Do not forget to cut the claws, no more than once every two weeks.

A distinctive feature of these cats is their intemperance in the use of food. So you have to self-assess the amount of food eaten, to avoid overeating.


Selkirk Rex is not inherent in any unique disease. Quality care for your pet and does get rid of most health problems. Although the body of representatives of this breed has a great feature. Upon reaching the age of wavy shorstka straightens six months. It comes as a surprise to many owners of these cats. However, do not panic, this is perfectly normal, after a while wool again be the same.

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