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Significantly the origins breed Chartreux nobody knows. According to one legend, these pets were beaten imported from Syria during the Crusades. Its name to this ancient breed is obliged first monastic monastery Grande Chartreuse. Another property of the monastery was famous throughout Europe liquor.

However, there is another version of the name Chartreux breed. In France, near the town of Chartres is Mount Gray Cats. It is here that have long lived cats, famous for its elegant gray-blue wool.

Blue-gray cat Chartreux not rarely mentioned by medieval poets and writers since 1558. The Louvre has a great painting of Mademoiselle Guke with Chartreux cat. These cats are very popular among the aristocracy XVII - XIX centuries. The owners of these pets were Baudelaire and the writer Colette.


Chartreux cat breed is equally intelligent and good-natured. These pets are easy to adjust, even in adverse conditions, and will not be discontent. Chartreuse are always eager to organize your life. They like order in everything. This property makes an ideal Chartreux cat pets. After all, they will eat, play and go to the tray on schedule.

Chartreux cat breed never conflict with other pets and avoid negative relationship with the larger species.

Chartreux are excellent hunters. They skilfully destroying mice and other small rodents. In addition, these cats are able to fend for themselves in a dangerous situation.



Cats Chartreuse features a good-natured and peaceful character. They are not as indifferent as the British shorthair cat, playful but not call them. They are characterized by a certain passivity and detachment. But it is easily replaced by some enthusiasm. Chartreuse nature peculiar to a certain "monastic" virtues - life routine, goodwill and peace. They even purr quietly and softly.

Chartreux cat breed distinguished by a kind of aristocratic upbringing and rigor. They do not have a single gram of compulsion, they rarely naughty and do not cause any problems for their owners. They do not require special attention, which is particularly suitable for busy people.

An important feature of these cats is that they attached it to his master, and not to the habitat. They are like a dog, choose a leader and will be loyal to him all his life. These cats can take with you on trips and walks without problems.


Chartreux cat breed - big chistyuli. They can watch on the flight to do their toilet, licking the fur and paws. Approximately every six months, these cats need bathing. the procedure is not recommended more often. For washing, you can use only a special "cat" shampoo.

Twice a year, chartreuse, like other cats, are beginning to fade. At this time, they need to be carefully comb out a special soft brush or a glove. The weak point of these cats are their teeth. Therefore, care should be paid special attention to them.

Chartreux cat breed well adapted in all apartments. They are not followed by any damage. They are very careful and disciplined. They never steal food from the table and do not sharpen claws on the furniture. For the full comfort Chartreuse enough to have a bowl, a tray and a crib. In Russia, the price of kittens this aristocratic breed is quite high. But that does not stop the cat Chartreux quickly win the hearts of people.

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