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Siberian cat breed belongs to the long-haired. This is the first breed developed by Russian breeders who are recognized abroad. In Egypt, the cat was considered sacred and worshiped it, and by all means protected her. Siberian cats - a unique heritage of Russia. They are mentioned in the verses of Russian poets, loved the nobility, they were the heroes of Russian fairy tales. This breed of cat resembles a Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon. Her graceful, enchanting green eyes, and lynx tufts on the ears will not leave anyone indifferent.

Siberian cats - are natural hunters, they like space and freedom. Some farmers kept them as guard dogs, protects crops from rodents, because they are very similar in nature. Sense of territory and the house have very well developed.

These cats are independent, but loyal to his master. They loved around the clarity, so do not treat them just as miraculous Fuzzies.


The history of this breed has about a thousand years and is full of myths and legends. The place of origin is considered to be the Siberian taiga, which is their natural habitat. Like the Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon, Siberian Forest Cat belongs to the group. This breed is a true native, and owes its origin to the only nature. The ancestors of this breed - the ruthless predator hunters and wonderful wild steppe cats. All these qualities, as well as large size made them the heroes of fairy tales in which they acted as defenders. Many traditions say that they are companions of the monks in the monasteries.

In the XVIII century in England, at the very first exhibitions owners of Siberians competed in the weight of their pets. In the 90 years of the twentieth century, this breed was approved standard in Russia, and feline began to work together to identify the typical characteristics for the Siberians. Their popularity grew rapidly outside our country.

Siberian description


The body - a large, heavy and muscular. The neck is short but dense. Limb length average, paws round and soft. Between the brush of fingers. Tail strongly pubescent, has a soft undercoat, the end of the narrows.

Head - a wide, planted low cheekbones, face and chin rounded, the forehead slightly convex profile contour with a slight shift to a broad nose, smooth along its entire length.

Ears - at the base of the broad, medium in size, set well apart with a slight tilt forward, rounded at the ends, covered with long hair.

Eyes - large, oval-shaped, the lower lid slightly rounded, set well apart, at an angle. Eye color harmonizes with the color, uniform. Shades from yellow-green to golden. In cats, the eyes of some colors may be blue, possible a different eye color.

Wool - medium in length, very dense undercoat, soft and fine in texture. The top coat falls on the side and tail, shiny and waterproof, tough texture. In the lower part of the body and rear side legs, no top coat. Particularly long hair on the chest, neck, tail and "pants".

Color - a color option as color-Point called "Neva Masquerade". Not recognized colors chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn in any combinations and variations. All other colors are recognized, with any amount of white.

There is a kind of white Siberian cat, as well as completely black and blue Siberian cat Siberian cat, with a uniform gray color.

Siberian character


Siberian cat has a great sense of self-esteem. They are very affectionate and attentive to the mood of the owner. They will not be imposed, if the host is busy, but always ready to help when illness or comforted in difficult situations. Siberian cats have an innate tact and temperament of the dog. This is a true friend, getting used to the same owner.

Siberian kittens love to play with children, not aggressive. The nature of the Siberian cat requires certain companies, as long loneliness they suffer heavily. They are able to make friends with all the family members and other pets. Sometimes even with the dogs, but they can cause problems. There are cases when the Siberian breed cat attacked a German shepherd. To strangers, they are wary.

These cats are by nature endowed with good physical development and great vigor. If the cat lives in a city apartment, it is worth to walk it at least once a week on the street. They are always eager to conquer new peaks in the truest sense. These cats certainly attracts water, they are willing to spend hours watching it or have fun splashing in the sink.



Siberians should regularly comb special comb for long hair and buy them scratching posts and nails cut is not necessary. Water treatments should be performed every six months. These cats love to bask in the sun, but do not allow them to lie down for a long time under the scorching rays, this leads to burnout and thinning hair. It is necessary to periodically inspect your ears and remove accumulated sulfur, but in any case not to apply the liquid.

To pan the cat accustomed quickly, you can choose the type of filler, which is the best fit for your pet. The eponymous filler "Siberian" has a whole line of various means, among which you will certainly find the most suitable for you and your pet. This special filling for kittens, absorbent and lumps of filler, for short- and long-haired, large and small granules for your convenience. They are all made of wood and have natural scents, non-toxic and safe for humans, as well as economical to use.

cost of

The price for a kitten Siberian cat can be from 5 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on age, ancestry, color. Females are much more expensive than cats.

Cats weighing grow from 6 to 9 kg and cats on average from 3 to 7kg.

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