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Singapura cat

Singapura cat or Singapore - an unusual breed of cats, natural oriental origin. However, it is formed through the efforts of American breeders. The distinctive features of Singapore - an unusual look and amazing character. This species belongs to the smallest breeds of cats: adult cat weighing up to 3 kg and cats - 2 kg, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Cats of this breed are very graceful and full of life.

Singapore cats can be only one color - «sepia agouti" is creamy golden color with brown ticking on his back, tail and head.

Delightful large eyes Singapore cats definitely attract the attention of all who had the opportunity to see this breed of cats. These cats are very pleasant to stroke, as silky hair, short length and without undercoat.


Although these cats and Asian origin, breed standards have been described by the Americans. One American geophysicist arrived on business in Singapore and saw cats extraordinarily beautiful color and very small size. He brought four of these individuals in the United States for breeding. These four cats (Singapore cat and three cats) can be called the ancestors of the breed.

However, these animals do not have special documents, and therefore can not be the breed was officially issue, in connection with which there were difficulties in its development. For official recognition of the breed need to re-export of native Asian animals with all the documents in American nurseries. The breed was again crossed with previously exported US Singaporeans and finally officially recognized.

Description of species

Head - round shape. The nose is small, blunt. Cats perfectly developed chin.

Ears - Large, long, have a deep pointy ear.

Eyes - large, slightly slanted, widely disclosed. The color can range from golden to copper in color.

Body small, but muscular. Limbs are medium in length. The tail is thick, medium length.

Wool - short and silky, uniformly covers the entire body.

Singapura cat breed


Cats of this breed have confidence in man, everywhere follow the master, ready to endlessly play and jump. However, Singapore is absolutely non-aggressive cat, very affectionate and friendly. Singapura pretty smart and will not be imposed if you are not in the mood. Although they are always ready to communicate with other animals and children.

These cats have a delicate sweet voice and very rarely talk, preferring to purr. Absolute non-aggressive, combined with incredible playfulness of kittens make excellent Singapura cat pets. External fragility cats of this breed in no way affects their health.

Singapura cat develops longer than most other oriental cats in a litter of kittens is always small. Kittens can be weaned from his mother at the age of 3-4 months.

Singapore cats except for small sizes have a very soft and patient nature. They are extremely curious, always check everything new and unknown gladly explore new things.

Singapura cat breed


Care Singapura cat in the cellar. Due to the fact that the wool of these cats is rather short and devoid of undercoat, enough to take care of it once a week. special brush for shorthaired cats are used for combing. Special diets for cats of this breed are not needed. The only requirement - the time to put all the necessary vaccinations.

Because Singapore cats naturally occurring, they have little or no health problems. However, they should be protected from the harsh Russian winters and drafts the cat did not catch cold.

cost of

Singapura cat - quite rare and the number of nurseries in Russia and in other countries is very small. Not many breeders boast small Singapura cat.

Talking about the cost of Singapore cats, it is worth noting that this is quite a rare breed, and has not spread beyond the United States. In other countries, including in Russia, the number of nurseries Singapura cat is negligible, respectively, the price is especially high: from 20 thousand rubles (kitten without a pedigree) to 120 thousand (purebred kitten) cost Cats higher than males.

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