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Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold - a short-haired breed of cat with a characteristic structure of the ears, which are slightly bent down. This unusual structure of the ears is a result of genetic mutation. Homeland lop-eared breeds of cats - Scotland. Cats such rocks may be of 2 types: Scottish-fold and Scottish-straights. Differences between Scottish-Straight, and Scottish-fold only in the fact that the standard Straight ears, standing forms, and in fold the tabs are bent downwards. The life span of cats Scottish-fold from 12 to 18 years.

kinds of colors

Colors can be divided into several parts:

  • plain, always very rich and bright, they are black or white colors.
  • bleached, such as purple or blue color. These colors are some of the most popular. When lilac color fur should be uniform, it is light purple with a slight pink color shading.
  • risunchatye, can be marbled or spotted.
  • tortoiseshell, a color is expressed in a combination of different stains, the colors should uniformly mixed.



The head is round shape with a strong chin. Pronounced rounded whisker pads. The nose is quite short and wide.


Medium size, rather muscular, well developed chest. Paws strong, free movement. The tail is of medium length, is always proportional to the body.


Small, directed downward, the tips of the ears a little rounded. The nose and the tips of the ears resemble the shape of a triangle. Ears do not go beyond the contour of the head.


The eyes are large, separated by the nasal bridge. Eye color depends on the color of your pet.


Is quite mild and short hair, like a kitten resembles a plush toy.

Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold - an incredibly lovely creature with a kind disposition, it is able to adapt quickly to a new place and people. Scottish Fold - a loyal cat. Most often, they choose for themselves one family member, for which then will go. Scottish Fold in need of constant care and attention, to communicate well with other animals, it is very responsive.


In mandatory care of Lop-Ear kitten includes periodic combing hair trimming and claws. Wash pet as needed on average no more than 1 time in several months. Periodically, it is recommended to check the condition of the eyes and ears.


So what to feed a kitten? Normally, when you just pick up your pet from a breeder, you have to give advice on nutrition.

Feed can be both finished products and home-made food. Most often, breeders combine both option.

Kittens under the age of 5-6 months optimally fed 4 times a day. As they mature, Scottish-fold, pet converted into 3 meals. By combining the finished feed and homemade food, it is not necessary to feed a kitten all at the same time. Should be given dry food separately and separately boiled fish or meat.

Scottish Fold breed


Scottish Fold are late maturing breeds. As a rule, the cat is ready for procreation, only 7-9 months. Please note that the Scottish fold cat knit only with those cats that have erect ears and vice versa. When the offspring of a cat is already selected, the cat brought in 1-2 day heat and leave for at least 1 day. In case of positive mating, pregnancy occurs the first time.

The average duration of pregnancy lasts 2-3 months. The term of each cat is very individual.

During pregnancy, the cat should be complete care. Until the moment of birth is necessary to prepare in advance and decide where to put the newborn kittens. You can take a cardboard box inside which should lay a thin blanket. Childbirth on average lasts up to 20-30 hours, sometimes faster. Throughout the entire period need to take care of the cat. In Fold cats in the offspring can be any number of kittens. Impossible to predict in advance what will be born kittens. Immediately after birth and in the early days, too, is impossible to understand how the kitten will continue ears. Only at 18-20 days after birth, look, if the ears are folded into halves, as if pressed to the head, it is likely to be lop-eared kitten.

Scottish Fold


Osteochondrodysplasias or BAU - a defect of the cartilaginous skeleton tissue. BAU disease is passed from parent to child in an autosomal dominant trait.

Prevent disease as follows: Scottish Fold only need to knit with Scottish-Straight, then the offspring will be completely healthy.

If the knit Scottish-fold with the Scottish Fold, then the offspring will BAU. It turns out that the problem of BAU disease negated when properly crossed and experienced breeders adhere to this rule.

cost of

Given the different colors and the presence of kittens pedigree, the cost can range from 5 to 30 thousand rubles. kittens The cost also depends on the sex, often a cat is more expensive than a cat. Specific price and features of a kitten, you can learn directly from the breeders themselves.

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