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Somali cat

Somali cat breed belongs to the long-haired. This breed originated from the Abyssinian breed of cats. Abyssinian cats are very often appeared at a dilution of other long-haired breeds, but in 1900, they were removed as the manufacturers. Fortunately, in 1965, everything changed. American breeder Mrs. Matthew decided to use cunning to save the kittens of this breed. Unlike its predecessors, it was able to protect Abyssinia from the onslaught of enemies and led several Abyssinian kittens. Together with a colleague from Canada, he brought a new breed, calling it "Somalia".

Already by 1972, the club was established Somali cats, who conquered all of America. Today, this breed is known worldwide and is independent.

Properties of this breed are in a sufficiently long hair which arises due to a recessive gene, so kittens appear only under certain conditions. That is, both parents need to be long-haired and only then Somali kitten born with long hair. Another feature of the Somali cat is ticking - it is a color of each hair cat, which is located along its length in several colors. The larger the cross-hairs on the bars, the cat is more appreciated. Somali cat fur is soft, the neck of the cat's collar, and on the legs panties. This breed is very elegant and fragile.


The body - a medium-sized, graceful and elegant, but very dense, muscular and flexible. The housing according to the average length of the tail is quite long. Legs long and strong.

Head - a medium-sized, wedge-shaped. The contours are smooth and rounded. Strong chin, thin neck.

Ears - Large, wide, rounded at the tips, set well apart. There may be a brush and a spot on the ear tip.

Eyes - large, expressive, almond-shaped. Wide apart, have a clean color from amber to green shades. Eyelids with edging in the form of ticking.

Wool - long or medium length, thin, thick, with a dense undercoat, shiny. Preferred collar and pants, but not necessarily. The tail is bushy. Wool at its respectable length not crumple and not slipping.

Color - is similar to the color of the Abyssinian breed - monochrome silver color silver tortie.

Somali cat breed


This species has inexpressible grace. They are very curious and interested in everything that surrounds them. Another Somali cat is very playful and affectionate. They are surprisingly silent, but like pomurlykat on the lap of the owner. They need a firm and constant communication, but when you're busy, it will be calm and wait patiently for you. Aggression these animals quite peculiar. Somalia does not like it when their space is somewhat limited. They need complete freedom in action. If they will constantly be locked up, it will negatively affect their health.

If you choose a pet breed Somali, rest assured that it will be your most loyal friend. They can be taught various tricks and commands. They very rarely produce claws.

These cats are in good health, but sometimes there may be problems with the gums and teeth, if you do not start in time to take care of them as well as possible problems with the metabolism of proteins in the body.

Cost of this breed ranges from 5 to 45 thousand rubles. It depends on the age of the animal, its pedigree and many other factors.

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