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Ukrainian levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy - Fold is a breed of cat with a lack of hair. As is clear from the title, this breed is originally from Ukraine. There was this breed by crossing the breed Sphynx cats and Scottish Fold. From Don Sphynx hairless Levkoy acquired, and by Scottish Fold - fold. The second part of the name - Levkoy - came from the same flower, which is reminiscent of the shape of the ears of the animal. But also by the type of cat's ears are different: they have folds hanging, while straights - standing straight.

First Ukrainian levkoy was born as recently as 2004. By 2010 there were more than a thousand cats of this breed. Breeding the breed it was originally engaged felinologist Biryukova Elena, founded the nursery «Ladacats» in Kiev. In a relatively short period of time, this cat breed loved by many around the world.

At the touch of the exotic cats resemble velvet surface, they are very affectionate and loving, as well as relate to the highly intelligent breed.

Description of species

Body - rectangular, medium-sized. Legs long, oval paws.

Head - medium size, angular, flat and elongated. Neck medium, muscular.

Ears - large, set high on top, wide apart, a third ear bent down, sometimes erect ears.

Eyes - Large, almond-shaped, not widely disclosed, eye color can be anything.

Tail - long, tapering to an end.

Coat - hairless cat, which the body is folded and hot. Sometimes there is a light fuzz.

Color - allowed all kinds of colors.

Size - strong cat, the size of the average. In weight reached 5 kg.


Ukrainian Levkoy able to control their emotions. They are not aggressive and vindictive. Wallflowers no special fussy and rarely allow themselves to be capricious. They love to watch the actions of the owner, only occasionally humming. These extraordinary cat quickly find a contact with other people and also to quickly adapt to new conditions. They certainly bring a lot of positive, fun things to their owners.

They have a very affectionate nature and they can easily become attached to their owners. They are very smart and will not be difficult to train their teams.

They are attached to the indoor living and high temperatures.

Ukrainian Levkoy breed


The care and maintenance wallflowers unpretentious. In addition they are omnivorous appetite for them is always great, because due to the lack of hair they need a good metabolism, and body temperature - increased. In the colder times of the year they need extra warmth. This is a very elegant breed of cat that is afraid of heights. They should trim the claws regularly, and bathe in moderation, not allowing long in the blazing sun. They are very easy to earn burns.

When small kittens down there, do not be afraid, for two years it will be completely. Since they do not have fur, care becomes a little easier, but do not forget that hairless cats have very sensitive skin that needs to be cleaned with warm water from the periodic discharge. If this is not done, the skin becomes sticky and cats mark, making an unpleasant odor. Wash your cat stands with a special shampoo for hairless, paying particular attention to folds. The skin may start to peel off, then you will need to moisturize it with lotions. Drafts are very dangerous for Levkoev.

In the eyes of these cats do not have cilia, so you need to periodically wipe the eyes from dust. Ears also should be cleaned.

Ukrainian Gillyflowers kittens are very curious, so all items should be placed away that easily break or chew, including household chemicals. They are not averse to eat and house plants, so you should remove all the flowers to a safe distance.

Ukrainian Levkoy breed


Health they do not have any problems, they have very strong immunity. The only drawback is that because of too high appetite, they may be eating, and from this stomach problems. With a balanced diet for your pet faces no health problems.

cost of

The price depends on the class, sex, naked kitten or brush, or fold straights and stuff. The average price for a kitten is varied in the range of 15-20 thousand rubles.

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