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Javanese Cat

Javanese Cat - one of the cat breeds. This cat is considered to be an English aristocrat. We started breeding this breed in the seventies of the twentieth century. However, that in the birthplace of this breed is still not known. Some say that it is the United States, other - England, but the name was in honor of all the island of Java, which is located in South-East Asia. If you hear the name: cat Mandarin Oriental Longhair, British Angora - you know, all this Javanese Cat. The basis of this breed lay young oriental longhair. Kittens are born with hair longer than that of conventional oriental - got rock status. So, Javanese cat SLH is a kind of oriental. In our country, bred any type of coloring Javanese Cat.


This animal has a very elegant appearance. His head was small with a slightly convex skull. Aristocratic thin nose continues forehead line. In general, this cat muzzle narrow. Javanese Cat has a very expressive ears. They are her big pointy at the base, set well apart. Javanese Cat eyes shape like the amygdala, obliquely planted, medium size. Eye color green light often, but belosherstnyh cats and colorpoints - dark blue. The neck of these wonderful animals "like swans" - long and graceful. These cats have an elongated, muscular, flexible and well-built body. Of course they are long, the corresponding proportions of the body, the foot oval. The tail is narrow and tapered to a close and long. Javanese Cat refers to dlinnoshertsnym cats. On the shoulders, collar and tail wool cover is longer than the entire body. This breed is not fluffy undercoat. Color in Javanese Cat uniform - no stains. The average weight of 5-6 kg.


The nature of these cats can be compared to the nature of the eastern "fellows" in appearance. They are very agile and playful, smart and "talkative" - ??have the best features for pets. I am very sensitive to changes in the mood of the owner, so that they always you will support your cat's petting. They can not tolerate loneliness, so you always need to maintain contact with your pet. This breed is well developed hunting instinct. This breed is well adapted to the new location, easily amenable to training, it has a pleasant voice. Health in this kind of strong. Know that Javanese Cat really likes his comb. He will answer you for your attention affection and devotion.


Care and Health

Since your cat is very active, it requires a large room so that she could run, play. You are free to have another representative of this breed, as they are easy to get along with their neighbors.

Monitor your pet's diet, as excessive thinness or completeness - will not be tolerated. Poor nutrition can lead to diseases of the eye and to the non-functioning serdechnososudestoy system. If, all of a sudden you notice a discharge from the eyes of your cat, be sure to contact your veterinarian. Pay attention to the Javanese Cat hair, comb pinuhi.

Pay attention to the eyes of a cat. Wipe them with a cotton pad. Ears of pure hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning the ears, preferably their specialized drip drops (to prevent infection).

These cats are peculiar: strabismus, heart disease, involuntary movements of the eyeballs.

Javanese Cat is a great pet, not only because he is gentle, loving and faithful animal. Among its advantages are also hypoallergenic. Care for, communicate with your cat and she will live happily ever after in idyll with you.


Price depends on the pedigree of the kitten. Cats are more expensive than males. Exact price can not be determined, it is necessary to negotiate with the owner.

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